Divinity lessons

Pay attention, as there might be a test later.
Madame Sarka loves sadism
Madame Sarka from quite early days of OWK.  Whatever might have happened later, and wherever things might have got to now, OWK simply changed everything for me and no doubt for many like me.  I will always treasure the memory of “OWK news No 1”.  Truly incredible, unprecedented.

Captioned image of a date to remember
“Blimey…what a looker.  I’ve hit the jackpot this time.  That’s right love, just tell me about your boring old office job…blah blah, career in human resources, yeah wha-ever, how’d you get into that then?  Women love it when you pretend to take an interest.  Nod, nod, interested and delighted look, just keep staring into my extremely fascinated eyes darling….oh fuck, she’s expecting an answer to a question.  Just talk about me I suppose.”

Captioned image of a schoolmistress waiting with a cane
I have the strangest feeling that by the next lesson you’ll know the poem really, really well.

Spanked but never disrespected
And then you can straighten your little maid skirt back down over your well-smacked bottom and go back to your chores.  But with dignity.

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