A disappointingly small one

I’m afraid this will probably too small and feeble to give you much satisfaction (now why do I get a sense of deja vu typing that?), but I have little time today.  So I’ll just stop messing about and get on with it, shall I?  Oh, right.  Sorry.  Here we go:

Captioned image of dominatrix towering over your POV
Love the point of view.  I love the tan too…I think she’s been somewhere nice while you have been languishing in this cellar.  Which is, obviously, where you will stay after she has gone again.

Penny belts her husband pretty hard but no harder than he deserves
I love the start of this video (go on, admit it, you’ve probably seen it), although personally I’d prefer it if she stayed in character as a schoolmarm, with her clothes on, rather than going all nekkid and penetrative as Men in Pain videos always seem to do.  But that’s just me.

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