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  1. Man, that Raoul certainly gets around, doesn't he? He's a one-man cuckolding army! ­čÖé

    Great captions as ever, Servitor. You certainly prove that femdom doesn't have to take itself too seriously to be sexy. And I love that Cruella pic!

  2. @Ayesha. Yes, Miss, right away!

    Ah. Ooooh. Yes indeed (slowly crosses legs and draws the chair a little closer under the desk as if for protection). Thank You. All is well, all is good.

  3. @Underling: Yeah, Raoul's quite the sexual athlete. And he's rather handsome, in a rugged, crude manly kind of way. And I'm told he's great company… But a freshly-ironed, neatly folded pile of warm laundry in her closet every day…that's a foundation on which to build a relationship that lasts, and I'm confident She'll come to see that in time.

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