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  1. Here's a littl story to go with the prison caption.Hope you like it

    I remember the strict female judge's words ringing out as she sentenced me to 5 years in prison for fraud and emezzlement.I deserved what I got as I was arrogant, dishonest and

    I had to sewap my desaigner business suit for humiliatingly bright pink shorts , a pink t-shirt with the word offender emblazoned on it in big white letters white sccks and white canvas sneakers which I must lace tightly ad tidily.

    All prison officers are women as they are the best for keeping men in line.Us humble inmates are not even allowec to aaddress them without asking "ma'am, permission to speak ma'am" first.

    My supervisr is the striking Officer Pearson and every day she leads me into the exercise yard for compulsoty PT until I'm caked with sweat and exhausted.

    Still I've grown to enjoy the regime and I'm sure this prison will make a good person out of me!..)All I neded was some female direction.

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