Give us this day…

…our daily captions.  You know, this rate of posting is going to have to slow down at some point.  But for now it’s OK, so here we go again:

Femdom captioned image with beautiful woman and ugly old man
Doesn’t he look pleased?

If you only knew the date, you could count the days until her return.
Took me ages to get this the way I want it.  But an image from behind the bars of a cage just had to be captioned.  There aren’t enough of them.

Beautiful and clever schoolmistress with a cane - what's not to like?
I soooo love schoolboy sessions.

Captioned image of Madame Sarka and several goats
Must get a bit messy in the goat pen.  Lucky there are bootlicker slaves waiting back at the castle.

0 thoughts on “Give us this day…”

  1. You've outdone yourself with the "behind the bars" image and caption. Wickedly delightful, and well worth the ages it took you to get it right. Glad to see that your work day is spent in such a diabolical frame of mind.

  2. Thank You, Ma'am!

    I think it's one of the cruellest, most callously indifferent captions I have ever done.

    How (wonderfully!)…interesting that a female reader should enjoy it.

    Good luck to Karl. I think he'll need it…


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