Divine images and childish scribbles

My grovelling apologies to the extraordinary women in each of these pictures, for adding my dirty little thoughts to their beautiful images.

But I’m incorrigible.  Here we go:

Captioned image of CFNM schoolgirls
The blonde on the right doesn’t look happy.  Do you think Sophie’s just out-done her, with this initiative and she’s annoyed?  Alpha females – fear them!

Captioned image of gloriously disdainful domme

Captioned image of ridiculous and humiliated male maid serve him right.
I hope he’s enjoying his session.  Doesn’t look it.

Ladies from OWK throw one back.
This is a great photo-sequence, I recommend it.  Sometimes OWK breaks through the cliches and does something really original (and cruel!).  Human fish.  Brilliant, just brilliant.

Pet names for submissiv e guys part 1
Well you’re just going to have to look it up, aren’t you?  Try the link below.

Here are some pictures of тараканы.

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