Female domination on a Friday

Some more captioned images, created in a sprit of respectful homage and awe, and certainly not just because that’s what turns me on (see story in previous post).

caption blonde femdom smiling as slave humiliated
Something about that smile just says to me – isn’t it just fantastic that I can make him do these things and get paid for it?  I often wonder how it feels for all those scary OWK ladies, growing up as regimented little Young Pioneers in communist Czechoslovakia and now…beating the crap out of Western businessmen.  There’s glory.

caption femdom wife discussing castration leaflet
Well, I’d certainly trust her to make the right decision, in both our interests.  Wouldn’t you?

caption slave and mistress out in public as dog and owner
On the Internet no one knows you’re really a dog…at heart.

0 thoughts on “Female domination on a Friday”

  1. That second pic, whoa! Castration scares the hell out of me… but she is sooo hot! 🙂

  2. Just wanted to say I've gone to old posts and love your cap pics! Will have to read some more later, thanks!

  3. Thank you for both those kind comments. I could never do a castration caption in a scene that was brutal, or gory or angry. It's the kindness on her face and her sweet reasonableness that makes the contrast with the horror of what she is so casually discussing so very 'hot' for me.

  4. The second caption is delicious!

    As if the Woman hasn't already as "head of the household" made Her decision. She merely understands the realities of the new sexual hierarchy of the sexes is difficult for the the male sub-sex to fully comprehend.

  5. That "castration leaflet" one is really inspired. It's given me so much pleasure. Thank you!

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