Divinity lessons

More pictures of our betters (well, my betters certainly), for edification, instruction and enlightenment.

Two dominatrices with riding crops dear me
Just out of interest – which one is Miss Evans, do you think?

femdom caption humiliation in pink skimpies
Is this someone famous?  I’m not good on celebrities.

Other World Kingdom prison on a quiet day
The astonishing Madame Sarka, who has haunted my dreams for years

Femdom caption gorgeous blonde dominatrix with chastity
Wow.  Just…wow.

0 thoughts on “Divinity lessons”

  1. Servitor-

    I, too, adore Madame Sarka. She's my favorite OWK Domina, along with Madame Jana.

    Wonderful caption. Totally believeable.


  2. Thank you Saratoga. I agree. Both Madame Sarka and Madame Jana convey a quiet, casual cruelty with just a slight smile or a cold stare. Sends shivers down my spine.

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