Louring ladies

Don’t worry, lots of bridegrooms… no, hang on. Do worry.
This is her ‘girlfriend experience’ service and if you ask me, it’s startlingly realistic.
I used to think I was my own worst enemy, but my SO managed to wean me off those self-loathing thoughts by listing all the people (or at least, the top twenty among our close friends) who loathe me even more.
Good night, sweet princess.
You don’t need motivating, as you’ll be strapped down and helpless.
They serve coffee too – and water to help settle the boys’ stomachs, but most Mistresses prefer them unsettled.

4 thoughts on “Louring ladies”

  1. Women effectively use mental torture; it is much harder for you the torture of making you wait, before the beating, than the actual beating itself.
    Being told a beating is coming later, for instance after a mistake at a social gathering, does wonders to make you even more submissive, docile and impotent.
    Women are clever manipulators.

  2. One of the more tiresome duties of a wife who is married to a sissy slave, like my husband Max, is disciplinary caning. I must admit I hate this duty.

    I hate the pleading for mercy when I order him to fetch the cane, the screaming when I apply the beating and the sobbing afterwards.

    It is all so unnecessary as it is well documented that sissy’s do not feel pain as we do. Gynarchy Social Science is well advanced and there have been several studies in recent years as to how subhuman sissy slaves react to all kinds of stimuli.

    One experiment, which was reported on the media, involved a sissy strapped to a table with electrodes monitoring heartbeat, body temperature, breathing and mental activity. Then the sissy was beaten with a variety of implements and his reaction was recorded by a computer programme.

    The sissy was kept in that position for three days and regularly beaten. The resulting report said that the sissy enjoyed the attention he was getting, looked forward to the cane more than the whip and was aroused in his chastity cage whenever a female entered the room.

    It didn’t matter if the female was young and sexy, older and more mature, overweight, angry or calm, pretty or ‘not so much”, the reaction of his ‘boy clit’ was the same.

    The report concluded that sissy’s get pleasure from punishment, disciplinary or judicial and therefore females should not worry if their sissy objects to punishment or begs for mercy, they do not feel pain in the same way a free, normal person does.

    Max is a good boy and rarely deserves punishment for wrongdoing, this doesn’t mean, however, that he wont be reminded of his status by regular disciplinary application of the cane.

    It is necessary to discipline Max, it is a kindness and a loving act on my part.


    1. Yes. Max must find you so desirable that he enjoys being beaten by you. Your power is arousing.
      Congratulations Zoe.


      1. Thank you both

        You know, Ms Zoe, if you really don’t enjoy such activities, do feel free to send him over for my SO to deal with – these things are much more to her taste. Admittedly, if she is busy providing her close ‘attention’ to little Maxie, maybe I’ll have less of it for myself, but that’s a sacrifice I’d be prepared to make…

        On the other hand, perhaps it would be best if I made absolutely clear right now, right here, that I cherish and welcome any and all pain my SO chooses to so generously apportion me. I wouldn’t want to give the entirely misleading impression that I’m not grateful. No indeed. In fact, probably best if we forget the whole thing.

        Best wishes


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