Idol thoughts

Think of what a relief it must be, not to be in any danger of suffering one of those unwanted and embarassing erections during the shoot. It just helps keep things professional, as they should be (although not ‘professional’ in the sense she’s actually paying you, obviously).
Everyone laughed at me when I bet on him, but I think I could be making a lot of money here!
My SO says gags really suit me and I can’t argue with that.
I expect you never imagined a woman like that would ever take an interest in you, did you? But she is – very – and so are all her friends.
Of course, they vary it a bit. Today he had a nice big empty bowl of cereal for breakfast, nothing soup for lunch and he has a big juicy nothingburger to look forward to for dinner.
Some men think that women who dress provocatively are just asking for it – you can easily spot them, these days, as they’re the ones walking around in t-shirts reading “Please kick me in the balls.”

4 thoughts on “Idol thoughts”

  1. Besides your fantastic showing of cold cruel women, I would also enjoy your showing how men get the shaft nowadays with women who belittle and humiliate men. Her cruelty is mental, not physical.
    Thank you Señor Servitor,

  2. Caption 2: I don’t want to know what she plans on doing to him when she wins. He’s gonna have a hard time stopping her being twice his size. Maybe if he forfeits she’ll show him mercy. Or maybe not, she might just get angry.

    Caption 4: This is why you never go home with strangers. But then again, he was kind of down on luck in his life, so he felt he didn’t have a choice. Too late now.

    1. Thank you Squaw

      In 2, if he’s a gentleman I expect he’ll let her win. Or at least, that’s what he’ll tell his friends. I don’t quite know what the prize is, but if it were me, I’d be flicking that table football ball straight back into my own goal as fast as my (well-practiced) wrist could manage it, to lose as soon as possible. I might want the wrestling to last a bit longer, though.

      As for 4, she’s not a stranger any more, not now they’ve spent so much time together. As a matter of fact, they’ve shared some very intimate moments in which he’s opened up to her, displaying his vulnerability. She’ll miss him, when he’s gone… until they get another one, anyway.

      Best wishes


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