Mostly harmful

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I once paid for a lesbian show, back when the authentic lesbian experience used to involve boilersuits and earnest conversations about the latest article in Spare Rib. But I hear things have moved on.
They’ll operate a dual-key system, after you’re married. It’s a lot more secure.
Obviously, he’s paying too – more, actually – but you know what she means.
She knows how much pain untruths can cause in a relationship.
Who’s Queen Patricia going to believe, anyway? Them, or her own lying slave?
When you’re done, just remember it’s not a good idea to go swimming on a full stomach. Unfortunately, Kitten doesn’t seem to know that – or perhaps just doesn’t care.

In case you missed it: Kitten went viral over the summer! And there’s a new one, too… love the way she slams the door.

18 thoughts on “Mostly harmful”

  1. ”Honey, have you learnt your lesson?”

    ”Yes, Goddess, I have learnt today that my opinion doesn’t matter, the fact I voiced an opinion is abhorrent to you, ma’am.”

    ”Good boy. Now I am going out for awhile, I am meeting Katie for a coffee, a gossip and to look for some shoes for her cousins wedding, OK? Now I expect you to remain with your nose against the wall thinking how beautiful I am.”

    ”Yes, Goddess, thank you, Goddess.”



    1. Oh dear. I have tried putting your IP address ont he approved list, so I hope it works now.

      Ideally, this site should be like your wife in being wonderful and sexy in every possible way.

      Best wishes


  2. I’m not sure why the wedding caption has so much appeal for me, but it definitely does.

    1. Chastity vía a cage can lead to such a buzz, a surge of energy and a strong desire to please your woman. No wonder women love it. He is driven to please you !

          1. Thank you all for those wise words. Chastity belts are an excellent way of keeping males focused on whose orgasms actually matter. Most of us know that already, in principle, but in practice it can be hard for any male to ignore how own sexual urges, so a little help from someone who has no difficulty in ignoring and repressing those urges is very welcome.

            Best wishes


  3. I spent a lovely few hours with Katie, gossiped about our friends and ‘put the world to rights’. We didn’t take long to find the right pair of shoes as she had an idea what she wanted, kitten heels, red, with a buckle. They go perfectly with her wedding outfit. You don’t want to out ‘glam’ the bride, but you want to look good.

    When I got home I allowed Max to leave the wall and start supper. He is generally a good boy, so no more was said about him giving his opinion on Israel and Palestine. I don’t know how he gets any opinions anyway as he is not allowed to watch TV without supervision.

    I sometimes think when he is worshipping my feet as I watch the TV news he picks up more than you would think His tongue is kissing and licking but his ears hear what they are saying on the TV.

    I was drinking coffee at the kitchen island and looking at a newspaper when he just blurted out his opinion. Shocking really! How dare he speak casually as if he was a free man. As soon as he said it he looked worried as he knew he had crossed a line. I didn’t have time to cane him so he spent time with his nose against the wall. I was gone about three hours.

    In case anyone was wondering, he is allowed to move for the loo or to change position if he gets cramps, as long as he is in position when I get home.

    Max is my love, my sweet husband and my low down sissy slave, all in one.


    1. A little bit of cramping does a boy no harm, Ms Zoe, so I hope you don’t allow Max to abuse his privilege. He is lucky to have you, to enforce the boundaries I am sure he needs.

      Best wishes


  4. Darling, I know that we are having an unconventional wedding with you being at the altar and me being walked up the aisle to join you. And I know that Clarissa had volunteered to give me away to you. But I had this vivid dream last night that Clarissa was leading me up the aisle on a leash and that in the ceremony she handed over the leash to you. So humiliating. Tell me that’s not true.

    1. It certainly has the ring of truth. Speaking of rings, I discovered at my own wedding that a man’s wedding ring does not have to be placed on his finger but can be placed somewhere else on his anatomy and it still counts. Also that the phrase “You may kiss the bride” includes the bride’s shoes.

      Many thanks for commenting

      Best wishes


  5. ”Honey you know I am totally sympathetic to the idea of men’s lib. It’s sweet that you think you are my equal but you obviously are not, are you? I mean I own the house, the car, everything in the house, everything in our holiday home in Florida and I control all the finances. I even own the company you work for. So the biggest decision you have to make is which washing liquid to buy. Why don’t you find out more about what men’s libbers believe and then I can decide whether you can read their literature or even attend a meeting with your friend Keith, if his wife approves of course. I really don’t know much about it, but remember it must not interfere with your chores or your attitude to me, my friends or my mother…ok? Good boy…now go clean my car.”

    Men’s lib is one of those divisive topics, isn’t it? I have discussed it with my friends, and we agree it is pretty harmless. ”Yeah, men’s power.” Sweet

    It gets awfully dangerous when it affects men’s relationship with women. Take my daddy for example, he does the cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, gardening and food shopping. He listens when we speak, he has no opinions not authorised by all the women in the house and he is enthusiastic and obedient.

    If the more extreme men’s libbers had their way, he would have an opinion, he would probably get a job outside the house, he could vote and he could be my equal. That is crazy, where would it lead?

    I feel for men, I really do. They have horrid hard bodies, they are weak willed and under educated, they don’t appreciate the finer things in life and are punished if they get out of line.

    Poor dears, really. My dad’s greatest joy is when he is worshipping my stinky feet after I have been to the gym. He loved licking my mom’s bottom after a pooh He gets excited if he is allowed to spend time with us doing fun things, like watching TV or playing tennis.

    Men’s lib would destroy these things.

    The local men’s group is pretty mild and harmless A typical meeting involves a group discussion on the best products to clean an oven, a ‘show and tell’ on table decorations, a speaker talking about a hot topic. Last month they had a dressmaker talking, with a powerpoint, about packing a suitcase with skirts and dresses.

    I have heard that there are groups which are more radical, discussing voting rights and having unauthorised opinions and, even, being allowed to talk at table freely.

    Some groups have been closed down because of extreme radicalised views.



    1. I’ve always had dificulty understanding what men’s libbers really want to achieve. I don’t want to be liberated… I tried explaining that to a libber I know and he said I was exhibiting ‘false consciousness’ as a result of indoctrination by the matriarchal society that oppressed me. I worried about that for a while, then I decided to ask my SO what it meant but she just laughed and said it was nonsense and I shouldn’t worry my little head about it, so I think that boy must have just been making up words.

      Anyway, my SO popped into our local Male Re-educational Service Office to let them know about him, and I haven’t seen him for a while, so I guess he’s getting a chance finally to discuss his views with someone who cares.

      Best wishes


  6. 2nd caption: I can imagine this becoming the norm for marriages in a femdomish matriatchal world. A boy graduates high school and is immediately turned over to a woman of the dominatrix division to be properly trained how to be a good bitch. The dominatrix always guides him down the isle to hand him over who to his new mistress who will own him, who his mother most likely approved of and chose for him.

    4th caption: Seems like a balanced relationship of dom and submissive. Perfectly balanced, as all relationships in a femdom society most certainly WILL be. Don’t ever lie to your goddess wife, and you won’t have to worry about getting hurt. You will be well taken care of, its just that simple.

    1. Thank you, Squaw

      Yes, I would hope that becomes the marital norm. There is too often an unfortunate gap between a boy being under the control of a firmly loving mother, aunts, big sisters and so on, and the point at which a wife finally takes him in hand. In a well-ordered society, there would be a simple handover, no arguing, no questions asked. The dominatrix division could certainly ensure that nothing untoward and regrettable happens in any brief pause between the maternal and conjugal disciplinary regimes, though.

      Best wishes


      1. 🙂 And if his mother, any of his sisters, cousins or aunt happens to be in the dominatrix division, then even better. She can take over, and keep it in the family until they hand him over.

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