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  1. ”Hey, Mr Wright, can you carry my books, please. I need to get a sandwich before class.”

    ”Zoe, I am your English teacher, not your slave. Carry them yourself.”

    ”I don’t understand, Mr Wright. Do you need further clarification?”

    ”No, Zoe. You made yourself clear, but I am not your slave, ok?”

    ”So, when I speak to the Headteacher shall I tell her you refused a direct order? Or, is it that you didn’t understand that what I want is what I get. So carry the f***ing books, ar**hole.”

    ”Zoe, you can’t speak to me like that. Oh, here is Mrs Bennet, the Deputy Head. Shall we ask her?”

    ”Sure, go ahead.”

    ”Mrs Bennet, Zoe here seems to think it is ok foe her to order me to carry her books. Can you explain, please, that I am the teacher, the grown up and she is the student?”

    ”Mr Wright, you do what any female tells you to do. You do not argue, you do not question, you just obey. It doesn’t matter if the student is 18 years old, like Zoe, or a Primary Department girl of 6 or 7. Just carry the books, please. When you have done that come to my office, I need to talk to you about your bad behavior’s, ok?”

    ”But….Mrs Bennet, surely….”

    ”I think he should kiss my feet and apologise, Mrs Bennet, sniveling little turd.”

    ”Well, Mr Wright, apologise, now! please.”

    ”I am sorry Zoe, I didn’t mean to be naughty. I will try harder.”

    With that, Mr Wright learnt a valuable lesson.


  2. ”Excuse me, Zoe. Sorry to speak without permission, but I wondered if I could have a word, if it is not too inconvenient. Perhaps after school at 3.30 pm?”

    ”What is it about, Mr Wright?”

    ”I just wanted to talk about the test paper you submitted on the play, ‘Macbeth’. Is that ok?”

    ”Sure, see you later, Mr Wright.”

    Mr Wright hurried away, satisfied that I would allow him to speak to me. I was quite pleased with the way he was progressing as a ‘slave teacher’. He is polite and respectful, but he still marks my homework harshly, even if I did quite well.

    The test he refers to is about some play, I don’t know! I don’t know anything about old plays, I did read the summary and my answers were based on that. He better not be too critical, I haven’t slapped a teacher for some time, maybe his face is asking for it.

    The power dynamic between male teachers and the schoolgirls is one of ‘female domination and control.” It is different with the boys in the school, they are treated as inferiors by the teachers. It would be interesting if they tried that with the girls.

    I am 20 minutes late to see Mr Wright. I naturally do not apologise. He curtsies when I come into the room.

    ”What do you want, Mr Wright.”

    ”Zoe, you didn’t answer one question correctly in the test. Shakespeare is a major figure in the literature of the World. I don’t think you understood the questions. As you are so beautiful, and I am just a lowly teacher I am prepared to give you this paper with the answers on. You may take it away and re-do the test in your own time. We can then say no more about it, ok?”

    I sat on one of the desks and swung my legs. My pantyhose went well with my ‘mary-jane’ shoes. I noticed Mr Wright looking at my legs and then at my pretty face.

    ”Seen enough, Mr Wright?”

    ”Sorry Zoe, I didn’t mean to stare. What do you say to my idea?”

    ”OK, I can do that. One thing though, My mum’s cleaner has gone off sick. She is desperate to have the house dusted and vacuumed. I think you should volunteer. That would be nice. Are you free on Saturday afternoon?”

    ”You can’t make me do your mum’s cleaning, Zoe. I’m a teacher, not a slave.”

    Of course, Mr Wright came to my house on Saturday and did all the cleaning. He then thanked my mum and me for the privilege of serving us.

    I then smacked his face hard for criticizing me for my lack of knowledge about some dead guys play.

    When we have a test now, he emails me the answers and thanks me for allowing him to be in the same room. You may say that I will never learn enough to pass an exam that way, but I don’t need to pass, I just need to get through boring school so that I can live my life of luxury when I leave.


  3. Thank you, Ms Zoe.

    Teenage girls often have feelings of aggression that they need to work out, I understand, and male teachers are in a perfect position to help them with that.

    Knowledge is power, but it’s important to know the right things – like how to get someone else to do all the work – and not the nonsense about dead kings, coastal features or present participles.

    Many thanks for your valuable insights, as the spammy comments I occasionally have to delete say (but this time with feeling).

    Best wishes


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