The meaning of my life is she, she

Oh, she. Warning: SFW material at the link entirely unrelated to femdom porn.

It’s always difficult, the morning after a first date, if the girl says she doesn’t want to see you again. But he’ll move on.
Another truth: be particularly careful if one of them ‘happens’ to have a roll of duct tape in her handbag.
Wow, what an opportunity! Because being pathetic is something I’m really good at.
your heart would have responded / Gaily, when invited, beating obedient /
To controlling hands
It’s actually not that radical a change. All men will still be considered to be created equal, endowed with life and the pursuit of female happiness.

6 thoughts on “The meaning of my life is she, she”

  1. I have recently returned from a three week holiday in Bali. I went with a gay boyfriend called Juno. He is such fun and it is so refreshing to walk about the hotel room in very little and get no reaction from Juno. He saw my boobs, but not anything else. We would be chatting over breakfast and I would be in very little and he would keep looking at my face and nor mention anything else.

    We went to the market and to the beach, we were invited to a rooftop party and danced the night away.

    I wasn’t looking for romance, just a fun and relaxing time. One day I asked Juno what he saw when he looked at me, he replied, ”I see a beautiful young girl, with a tan to die for and a curvy girlfriend. I don’t see a sex object, not at all. I only like guys for love and romance.” So sweet!

    Max, my sissy slave husband stayed at home and was ”sissy sat” by my mother and a neighbor’s daughter.

    When we got back Max picked us up at the airport in the Lexus. He is such a good boy.

    ”Max darling, it is time for your monthly discipline caning. Now, you have been all alone for three weeks, except for ‘sitters”, so it is important to return to the familiar routine, ok?”

    ”Yes goddess, I understand, goddess.”

    ”My mom says you gave her some ‘attitude” one evening. That is not what you do, honey. I will deal with that tomorrow. Now, skirt down and panties and pantyhose down. Lean over the chair. Good sissy.”

    As I raise the can my cell rings. It is my good friend, Amy, and so I talk to her as I discipline Max

    ”Hey Amy, how are you?”

    THWACKK !! ”Ouch, one, thank you goddess.”

    ”I’m fine. I wanted to hear all about Bali. Is that a cane sound, what has Max done now?”

    THWACKK !! ”Ouch, two, aargh!! thank you goddess.”

    ”Bali was great. Oh, Max is having his monthly disciplinary caning. Just ignore him. I went with my gay friend, Juno. You know, the one with the amazing abs. He has dyed his hair a light blonde colour, so sweet. We did all the sights, it was great.”

    THWACKK !! ”Ouch, three, thank you goddess AAAARGH”.

    ”Was it strange with a guy in the hotel room? Didn’t you have to be modest around him. He is a guy, after all. I wouldn’t like it, even if he is gay!”

    ”No, it was like being in a room with you. I wouldn’t let you see my pussy or me without brushing my hair, would I?”

    ”I guess not. Oh, sorry. Got to go. Catch up with you on Saturday, honey. Bye. Bye.”

    ”Bye honey. Thanks for the call.”

    THWACKK !! ”Ouch, four, thank you goddess.”

    ”Be quiet, Max. such a fuss.”

    THWACKK !! ”Ouch, five, ouch!!! thank you goddess.”

    ”Ooh look at those red raw marks. Quite a good look. One is bleeding, sorry sweetie. Just one more to go. Let me put the cane down and finish with a short tailed whip. Ok?”

    THWACKK !! ”Ouch, six, mercy. sorry. mmmmph thank you goddess. That really hurt, goddess. sorry. sorry. ”

    ”Kiss the cane, Max. Say how sorry you are again.”

    ”MMMwahh. I am sorry goddess. You deserve better than me. Thank you for correcting me.”

    ”Ok, honey. Now I want you to catch up on the washing from the holiday. I want to wear my white blouse tomorrow, so handwash the delicates. I am going for a shower. Good boy.”

    I had a lovely holiday and re-established my place with my silly, sissy, husband Max.


    1. Ah, Ms Zoe, it’s good to have you back.

      Juno sounds nice. Like mostg submissive men, I am never sure which I find to be more difficult: her boyfriends or her gay friends. I don’t undersatand the latter at all, I’ll admit, as how could any man remain gay in the presence of my SO (or you yourself, I don’t doubt, Ms Zoe)? If anything, though, the sexual experimentation tends to work the other way round, as several of her apparently reliably heterosexual boyfriend have discovered an interest in exploring their gay side, while staying in our house – which I always find quite uncomfortable.

      Best wishes


  2. ”Max! I’m here sweetie. Come and greet your Mother-in-Law, darling.”

    My mother has arrived to ‘sissy sit’ my sissy slave husband, Max, whilst I am on holiday with my gay friend, Juno, in Bali. I have no worries when mom is in charge. She kept a strict house with my daddy and so I know she will keep Max in line. She arrives at around 4 pm each day and leaves in the morning after breakfast at about 8.30 am.

    Her task is to check on Max. His behaviour, attitude and work. She supervises his bedtime and allows him to watch some TV whilst kissing and sniffing and worshipping her feet.

    ”Good boy. Did you finish your chores today? I know you got a bit behind yesterday. Take my bag and hang my coat up, sweetie. Then you can tell me about your day.”

    Max kneels in front of mom as she sits down on a high stool in the kitchen and drinks her coffee. He describes how his day went. The handwashing, the dusting and vacuuming, the batch cooking for the freezer, the tidying and checking on the 6 bedrooms. He is skillful at being humble and servile whilst also being informative and worshipful. He is, after all, in the presence of a beautiful woman who is a Goddess.

    ”I have had a busy day, Max. Please approach me and worship my stinky feet. Take my shoes off. Good boy.”

    ”Most high goddess, you are so very beautiful. Thank you for allowing me to worship your pretty feet.”

    Mom’s feet are the feet of a woman in her sixties, and so are not as pretty as they used to be, but Max knows his place.

    Later, after supper, as Max clears away the plates and cutlery and washes the pots and pans, mommy goes into the TV room to watch the evening news and relax. She allowed Max to eat with her as she wanted some company. His food was leftover scraps with lots of rice and beans. Her supper was a Chicken Kiev with salad and new potatoes.

    Max enters the TV room. Mom points to the floor in front of her and he prostrates himself and then starts to kiss her feet. She snaps her fingers and points to her discarded shoes.

    ”Worship my shoes, babe.”

    The TV station is holding a discussion about male voting rights in the Gynarchy. The discussion gets heated and no sensible consensus is reached. Max knows nothing of such things, as he continues to sniff and lick mom’s shoes. Max has no opinion on voting, he knows it is something women only do. Men have no part in elections, that would be foolish, dangerous and laughable.

    It is approaching 8.30 pm and Max has been worshipping mom’s shoes since 6.00 pm. Mom instructs him to get ready for bed. PJ’s at 8.30, bed at 9.00 pm.

    Max enters the TV room in the most girlie PJ’s imaginable. Silky blue with a star motif on the front. He is allowed to sit by mom’s feet as they both watch a soap together.

    Mom puts Max to bed and then goes downstairs to relax and watch more TV.


    1. Ah, Ms Zoe, yes: mothers-in-law. Love them or fear them, you can’t easacpe them or disobey them.

      They say if you want to know what your married life will be like in 25 years, look at your bride’s mother. I tried that out just before the happy day when my beloved SO finally tied the knot. If the theory is correct, then in fifteen years’ time I’ll be watching my dear wife thrash the living daylights out of some terrified young man who wants to marry her daughter. I’m not convinced that’s really going to happen, but it’s an image that stays with me to this day.

      Good to see you back here.

      Best wishes


  3. In every relationship there is one in charge, and there are subordinates that submits. There is no such thing as “equality”. We all have roles to play. One wouldn’t claim to be equal with his manager. So Anna is just bringing back the natural order within the home of female rulership and male submission. Putting an end to chaos.

    1. Exactly. A marriage should be run like an authoritarian regime, with hard labour and prison time for any questioning of the supreme leader.

      But, erm.,.. ‘Anna’?

      Best wishes


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