Embarassing observations

The untruths hurt, sometimes.

Wise submissive husbands will keep a notebook, recording name, orgasm frequency, cock size and any remarks their wives made the next morning. Cuckoldry doesn’t have to be something merely done to you, you see – you can help her with it.
She can wait – as can he, actually, although he might feel right now as if he can’t.
If you get really good at the ‘guess the voltage’ game, a career as a circuit tester awaits.
If it goes into the mouth and down the throat, then it’s edible, right? And she always makes sure that it does.
You’ve already taken the most important vows, anyway.

2 thoughts on “Embarassing observations”

    1. Of course, there are commitments on both sides. She has sworn to take responsibility for household management, financial arrangements and even – rather selflessly on her part, I thought – his behaviour. It’s going to be a lot of work but she has energy and determination, not just love and affection, which is so important for any marriage’s success (mutual respect, in contrast, being somewhat over-rated in my view: respect that goes only one way, but is sincere and profound, works just fine).

      Many thanks for your comments, Diane.

      Best wishes


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