Careless talk

Time for a chivalrous gesture.



No regrets. What you never have, you cannot lose.




Oh dear.  Let’s hope he’s not too rough with her.



Only a few.  She has more.


Many stepdaughters find the arrival of a new parent uncomfortable.  Looks like she’s found a way to deal with that discomfort; indeed transfer it to you.




0 thoughts on “Careless talk”

  1. When the step Daughter is in charge of things there is no such thing as sexual harassment . Well not for Her anyway. It really means the safety of Women starts at home. Femsup.

  2. Just so. Step-dads can even help teenage girls stay safe outside the home, too, by providing them with opportunities to practice self-defense moves – and maybe some of their friends, if they want to make an evening or a slumber party of it too.

    Best wishes


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