A few moments of Joy

No, not an extra caption post, just a quick and joyful observation. Regular readers will know that I like to feature images of famous actresses looking disdainful, haughty or even occasionally wearing something bit fetishistic. Then I caption the image, making them say something dommey.  And I think we all understand that, sad to say, these magnificent ladies don’t in real life intend to look other than vanilla-flavour lovely and they probably have no idea of the effect their appearance has on us poor submissives – and any sneering looks were caught by chance in what was otherwise a smiling and laughing appearance for the cameras.

So, just a quick question.  

Does anyone out there think that the divine Anya Taylor-Joy does not realise what look she is rocking with appearances like this? 

Hmm?  Anyone at all? Because it’s getting to be a little more than just chance, no? I think just maybe she knows only too well… and the captions like ‘Yes, I know I’m a goddess… so aren’t you going to get down on your knees, boy?’ or ‘Oh, you pitiful little man’ that spring into my mind every time I see almost any image of her might actually not be a million miles from that is going on in her mind.  

She knows.  She knows she knows. And she has the cheekbones for it, too.

Either that or her publicity agent is definitely a sub.  “Yeah, it’s called a, erm… ‘high ponytail’ Anya, darling.  Very chic, very ‘in’… with some leather-trimmed gloves, black bustier dress and scarlet lippie, yeah?  The photographers will go wild for it.  Trust me.”

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  1. ''Goddess Anya, may this pitiful slave have a quick word, ma'am?''

    ''Of course darling, what is the matter, why do you look so worried?''

    ''Well, most high goddess, I was looking to find Google Maps on the PC when I found these images of you on a site called…mmm..let me check…called Continentalling the Design, or something similar. Would you like to look?''

    ''I am sure it is quite innocent. Let me see……………..WHAT THE F**K?''


  2. I would willingly confess all, Ms Zoe, and ask for several thousand similar offences to be taken into account, before throwing myself upon her mercy.

    Best wishes


  3. I think the chances of that, Tom, are about the same as the divine Anne feeling a pang of envy upon stepping onto some discarded cigarette butt when getting out of her chauffeured limousine, at the thought that perhaps Anya had stepped on it before. Neither more likely, nor less than that: exactly the same, in fact.

    Best wishes


  4. Can't go wrong with Anya – and if she needs an insignificant servant on which to focus her disdainful gaze, I'm willing.

  5. Oh, I expect you can go quite badly wrong with Anya, actually Melissa. But I'm sure she'd be delighted to correct you.

    Best wishes


  6. ''Anya, darling, where is your little sissy?''

    ''Donald has gone on an errand, why?''

    ''I got out of the car and noticed a photographer hiding in the bushes by the stables. I wondered if the sissy could go and frighten them off. You know, threaten them with a beating if they didn't go.''

    ''Are you thinking of my Donald. My sissy, pink, girlie, gay Donald? I guess he could threaten to kiss their boots if they didn't go?''

    ''How funny you are, honey.''


  7. Oh, there are plenty of big, burly men in Goddess Anya's entourage. She likes the contrast between their muscled, hairy bodies and the little pink tubes with the heart-shaped locks dangling between their legs.

    Best wishes


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