Delightfully despotic

Better do as she says.  But with dignity, right?  Always with dignity.




For those of you objecting that getting an erection is a natural reaction to the situation, merely an expression of sexual desire, should realise that exactly the same argument applies to her giving you powerful electric shocks.

She needn’t hurry.  This isn’t going to be over any time soon.  Not ever, actually.



She’s not saying it’s a hard limit, mind.




Maybe since she broke her side of the bargain, you should ask for all the presents back? It’s only fair.  Admittedly, fairness has never really been big in this relationship.


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  1. ''Marcus, honey, come and sit on the floor by my feet. Pardon? Oh, yes thanks they are pretty feet. What are you doing today whilst I am at work?''

    ''Ma'am, I am going to do some food shopping. Then I was going to vacuum upstairs and refresh the bedrooms.''

    ''OK, that sounds a fine plan, you may do that. I wanted to talk to you about your release date and your lines and the discipline caning you are due to have, ok?''

    ''Yes, goddess. I thought you had put in your diary my release date next Wednesday?''

    ''I know, but I think I am going to be too busy next week. I am sorry. I know I delayed your December release to January and then to February, but there it is. What can I do?''

    ''So, goddess, ma'am, when do you think it will be.''

    ''Don't you dare take that tone with me. It is a privilege not a right and it is up to me. I think you have a bad, bad attitude on this subject so forget it for another three months at least. Quieten your mind and do your very best to behave, ok?''

    ''Yes, ma'am. I am sorry ma'am. I do not need to be released until you, in your great wisdom and kindness, decide. Thank you goddess.''

    ''Now, how are your lines getting on? How many was it, 200?''

    ''I have been so tired in the evening, ma'am, I have got behind. I have done 46 so far out of 200.''

    ''When are the lines due to be handed in?''

    ''Tomorrow, ma'am.''

    ''So, do you think you can complete 154 by tomorrow? Seems very unlikely.''

    ''No, ma'am. Sorry goddess.''

    'Oh dear. Oh very, very dear, Max. This is not good enough. I will extend the deadline by one month. I will also have you professionally whipped for not completing a task in good time, I will telephone Mrs. Henderson tomorrow. What else was there? Oh, yes the discipline caning. Mrs Henderson can add to her whipping, ok?''

    ''Thank you goddess, thank you ma'am. thank………………………..''

    ''Shut up Max. Get out of my sight.''

  2. I think you can call little Maxie whatever you like, Ms Zoe. If he doesn't come running just because you happen to shout out the wrong name, then he's really not giving his all to the relationship, is he? Not forgetting the basic principle that ladies are right and males are wrong – I mean, it would be a bit impertinent for him to assume he knows his own name better than you do, surely?

    Many thanks, as ever, for the contribution.

    Best wishes


  3. Servitor, what a delicious idea. That my Max can be called whatever I like because ladies are always correct, and he doesn't own his name anyways. Perfect.


  4. "To transfer money to your findomme, please press option 1 or say "Tribute please". If you would rather delay such payment until next month, please press option 2 or say "Shocks please" for a 15-minute sequence of electric shocks. If you are calling to terminate the findom arrangement, please press 3 or say "Please destroy me" for all of the photos and videos to be publicised on social media. Note that your findomme may also have arranged for electric shocks to be applied following selection of options 1 or 3."

    "I'm sorry, I did not understand your response. 'Oh my god, oh my god.' is not a recognised response. Please wait while we administer an electric shock. Then select one of options 1, 2 or 3.'

    "I'm sorry, I did not understand your response. 'AAArgggh!".' is not a recognised response. Please wait while we administer an electric shock. Then select one of options 1, 2 or 3."

    "I'm sorry, I did not understand your response. 'NNNGGHHH… tru… tru.. tru ..tribute, please PLEASE!' is not a recognised response. Please wait while we administer an electric shock. Then select one of options 1, 2 or 3."


    Best wishes


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