Savage elegance

… and elegant savagery too.  Both are good.


She’s being remarkably patient with you, but patience has its limits you know.



I’m not sure it’s entirely sensible to assign such an important task to someone who is obviously completely unqualified and inexperienced.  Those plants need just the right amount of water: too much and they drown, too little and they dry out.


He’ll have plenty of opportunity to think about it, which is just as well, given he is male.



Poor Treasure… I’m sure she is wracked with paroxysms of guilt.  Maybe she needs a kiss and a cuddle, hmm?



Girl talk… good thing the guys have got more important things to be getting on with, than sitting around listening to her prattle on.

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  1. I love the Intern, Rebecca, she will learn fast I am sure, Servitor. Zoe

    It is interesting when I bring a new boyfriend home. Max, my sissy slave husband, must serve him as a senior member of our family. I went through a long dry period recently when I wasn't dating at all, but when I met Twombo, my Nigerian guy, I just had to let down my defenses a bit. He is so charming and funny, and he is big and strong too. He loves to lift me over his shoulders.

    When he first did that, I reacted quite badly and told him off, but he ignored me and that made me giggle. I have never been ignored by a man in that way ever in my life. That is when I knew he was a real alpha man, and I wanted him so much. He is very dominant in bed, and I am left breathless and hungry for him. He spends time on foreplay and is tender too, especially if I am feeling hormonal or teary eyed.

    Max is not sure of him yet, but Twombo established his dominance over him early on when he told him off for some trifling thing, I can't even remember what it was. I gave Max the talk though, about how I loved him, but he is a sissy slave and Twombo is his senior. I don't use the word 'master' as he has an owner/mistress in me. It complicated things if my beau becomes a 'master' rather than a senior.

    ''Max, honey come here. I hope you like Twombo. I really like him honey, I hope he will be around for a long time.''

    ''Yes goddess. Of course, goddess. Most certainly high goddess. I do like him. He is strong and kind. He let me kiss his feet and said I did a good job, goddess.''

    Tonight, Twombo is taking me to his sister's house for a dinner party ''Africa style''. I can't wait. I have met his family and they are all very nice to me. They say I bring out the best in him. Isn't that amazing, I love them already. I have not felt so giddy over a man for the longest time.

    This morning I let Max worship my feet as I ate my breakfast. For some reason he loves my feet after I have showered and am all soapy and clean. I am off to work soon. Need to get my make up done and put my skirt suit, pantyhose and heels on.


  2. My woman talks about the Vagina Worship Society for Beta Males. She says we should join. Males are taught to obey and worship females. Males are regularly punished either for bad behavior or to amuse the women. Other times it is arousal and denial. She says Beta Males are owned by vaginas, and these males only exist to serve females. On the other hand, the women are allowed to get pleasure from Alpha Males whenever they want.
    At the beginning of each meeting, males must recite: “I am nothing and I only exist to serve and obey the Vaginas” no matter what they dish out”.
    I’m scared 😳.

  3. Beatings, frustrating arousal and denial, and servitude. After I’m finished beating you, get back to your chores.

  4. There are so few Tender Alpha men to go around, who can really satisfy a woman; that some women resort to lesbianism. Weak, begging, obsequious Beta men don’t cut it like an Alpha man who really wants you.

  5. I’ve heard that they have a black certain there. From time to time some men are made to go behind it. What happens there ?

  6. Holly, I agree. It is delicious when a real Alpha man wants you so much.

    It is, however, nice to have a sissy slave around to do all the tedious chores that need doing around the house. They have a different function to the Alpha, obviously. They also want you. Want you to instruct and guide them, to punish wrongdoing and to look after them, like a child or a pet.

    Love your wise words, Holly.


  7. Appreciate your words, Zoe. You understand. We want a Beta sexless Sissy to keep the home fires burning. Motherhood instinct I guess. But, we also want a bold Alpha male who will light the fires inside of me. A confident man who courageously desires me and only ME !!
    I want it all !

  8. A visiting castratrix tried to sell me her services. She said men with balls are slaves to women. Women rule them; women become like gods to men. A man cannot really help himself. However, after a medically sterile castration, she told me I will be relieved of being controlled, frustrated, depressed and humiliated. I will be docile, free of urges, and domesticated.
    Have you gotten the same sales pitch ?

  9. The only thing missing in that last image is the three husbands in a window with their buttocks showing in the home in the background. Think I'll make own version of this. The women will be more amazonian of course. I like my women big and strong.

  10. 2nd caption: Willing to bet its going to be a tough three months serving Janice. I heard she can be kind of mean. He'll come crawling back to her kissing and licking her feet, legs, vulva begging to stay as her servant and her only for sure.

  11. Holly, Zoe. I castrated my sissy Bata husband. He serves the purpose of putting our domestic life in order. No worries about him getting aroused no matter how I act or dress. I love him in a platonic way.
    On the other hand, I love arousing Alpha men. They’ll do anything for me. I use them. It’s a power trip for me.
    From time to time I pick one from my stable to give me wildly passionate sex.
    Yes, I’m especially turned on by an Alpha male who gives me all of his attention. All for ME.
    So yes, I have it all !
    Jane S

  12. OMG. First picture. I’m drooling. If only I have a small chance to have her, she can whip me all she wants.
    Sam The Horny Man

  13. Since they will be Amazon women, we’re sure to lose our balls, but my god they are beyond sexy.

  14. Yes. “Be kind to yourself” , they say. “Eunuchs are valued”. A castratrix is fairly expensive, but they come across as very caring. Apparently there’s many more of them than there use to be.

  15. 🙂 Maybe if they fail to satisfy them in bed. It is of no use to them if its not filling up their vulva. First two fails, their balls get spanked. But strike three, you're gonna be in trouble. 😨

  16. My woman says I don’t get any action in bed because I’m too mechanical and not emotional enough. I sure feel emotional about being frustrated.

  17. Yes. Love it. Thanks girls. I only want to add that I need Mr Alpha man to pull my emotions. My orgasms are very emotional. I don’t want just my fire lit. I want a huge, long lasting, gigantic, emotional, all encompassing bonfire lit inside me !!!!! Far superior to what guys experience. You girls know what I’m talking about.

  18. Third picture, woman on right; I want her so badly. I’m probably heading for trouble again.

  19. I’m always so horny that women control me. I feel like their slave, but I can’t help myself.

  20. Thank you, Ms Zoe and anonymous respondent. My experience of alphas is less positive but maybe I just haven't been forced to get to know the right ones, yet.

    Best wishes


  21. That sounds like a very interesting society, Hank. If they ever organise a cake sale in my neighbourhood I'll be sure to go along.

    Best wishes


  22. Now that seems like a very straightforward and honest approach to your relationships, Ms Sally. Men like to know where they stand – or kneel, or grovel,whatever.

    Best wishes


  23. This seems like such a productive conversation, I should do little more then gently cough and see if anyone would like tea served. Many thanks, all of you.

    Best wishes


  24. Less is more, so they say, Frank. It's important to use the services of a properly-qualified castratrix and not, for instance, some drunken 19 year-old girl who's just doing it for a laugh and for something to tell her mates. When you're in the hands of a woman who's castrated more then a hundred males, without incident, then know everything will go well.

    Best wishes


  25. Oh, I'm sure you wouldn't really want to ruin such an idyllic garden scene with the sight of any hairy male buttocks, would you, Squawneworder? Leave the ladies to their tea and chat, the boys to their menial and pointless tasks and just enjoy nature in all her glory, I say. The hollyhocks are particularly fine this year, I believe.

    Best wishes


  26. The good thing about serving Janice is that she never leaves you in any doubt as to what it is she wants. She can take it too far – perhaps even adopt an overly-brusque manner – but that's just her way of making her views clear.

    Many thanks, all.


  27. Squawneworder, that's because she has had plenty of practice. She's worked hard to make her marriage work and her task is not yet over.

    Best wishes


    PS: Ding, you seem to have been a bit indecisive recently? Say what you think and stick by it – that was my motto, before I signed my contract that made such things irrelevant.

  28. There's nothing wrong with males experiencing normal and healthy – even strong – sexual desires, as my SO likes to say. As long as any physical manifestation of those desires is brutally repressed or punished. Shes right; of course she is.

    Best wishes


  29. Something about tedious punishments is really hot! I love the fact they have to race each other! Can you make more posts about writing lines? But not like a punishment thing more like a daily thing or prove you love me by writing everyday thing, thank you for your captions!

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