Domestic docility

I don’t worry about that.  What I’d like to know is whether I’m in a pre-orgasmic state or not.  As time passes, I worry I might not be.



In case you’re feeling anxious: she’s perfectly genuine in her disapproval of the methods employed by the Male Control Squad to deal with rebellious males.  She and her friends have much better methods.



Oh well, there’s always next month as my SO likes to say.



I have two speeds: dawdling and scurrying.  I’d scurry for her.  Wouldn’t you?


Funny thought: if I did have a cuckolding fetish, I might be about to enjoy this even more than he does.  Hee…hmmm.  Anyway, I’ll get that beer.



As an extra, I’d just like to link once again to the site of the influential Mr Rogue-Hagen, who has been brightening our lives for decades with some very British femdom: Cruella.  For a while now, his site has been giving away  large photoshoot sets, some modern and some from the archives.  No disrespect to the photographer or the ladies but I do prefer the older ones, even if the technical quality is lower.  I doubt it’s a real reduction in  the inherent quality, but you see these were the images I saw in the early 1990s when I first started buying porn.  And it was before the Internet (except as a forum for discussing particle physics on bulletin boards) so there were few images around.  And each one of these seared itself into my brain… I recall being so excited that I literally found it hard to breathe when opening up one of his magazines.

Anyway, it so happens that his latest upload is one of my all-time favourites from that period – ‘Guardess Julia’ (whom I believe to be a lady called Linda Leigh).  So I encourage you all to go and have a look (well-managed boys will want to stop about halfway down the page, when she gets her top off, but there’s plenty of pictures before that which are thoroughly suitable).  I encourage you even more strongly to try some of the things on his site that are not free, so as to give a little back and reward him for his wonderful work over all of these years.  A femdom legend.


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  1. Me and the girls are always sizing up men. We’re subtle and the men don’t notice. From time to time some of us girls would gather together to rate men. We all liked different flavors, but one factor stood out. Men who knew they were desirable were in fact were very highly rated. In addition, men who showed us how desirable we were, without it being a come on to get sex, made us weak in the knees; extra high rating. The highly rated men showed how desirable we were in a many small gentlemanly ways: Flowers, opening doors, telling us how good we look, that looking in their eyes showing how desirable we are which can make our panties wet, always giving compliments to build us up, remembering little things about us, listening attentively to us, little kisses on neck, gentle massages, all the while being not needy for sex, but self confident.
    I guess I got all emotional.

  2. My Inner Strength makes me attractive. I’m attractive because I know I’m attractive. It just radiates out of me. I’m also so desirable because I feel so desirable. People can’t help being affected by that. It gives me power over the opposite sex and they feel it. They’re in awe of me; they feel my power over them. I don’t have to chase after the opposite sex; they chase after me. Inner Strength is a wonderful thing!

  3. Folks. I need an emotional connection to get an orgasm. The physical is not enough.

  4. That all sounds very lovely, Ms Holly. Many ladies in your position do seem to prefer their men needy for sex, though – needy but not capable. Many ladies here on the Internet, anyway.

    Best wishes


  5. Then I hope you have it, Ms Holly, as all ladies should get want they want, need or for which they merely express the slightest whim.

    Best wishes


  6. Good. They should.

    Many thanks for your comment. You can come out from behind the sofa, now.

    Or you could go off and read a Serena and Alice story like this one, and just cower back down in permanent terror.

    Best wishes


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