0 thoughts on “When the weather’s fine (4)”

  1. These three are wonderful, well done Servitor. I think the pink tights are such a strong fashion statement. Zoe.

    Honey, please stop that crying. You know it gives me a headache. You admit yourself that you deserved a caning for your disgusting behaviour when my friend Vicky was here. I saw you staring at her legs and then that repeated backchat after lunch.

    Anyway, get back in position so that Richard can finish the punishment. Don't forget to thank him too, you snivelling idiot.

    Richard darling, I am going upstairs for a lie down. You may want to join me.

    Max, don't forget you must dust the dining room this morning.

    Oh, stop crying or I'll give you something to cry about, after Richard has caned you, obviously.


  2. The Lady ignoring him while readin on the bed is brilliant!
    Hope you’re enjoying the beach!
    (Gosh, just reminded me of that fantasy years ago when I walked off beach behind one Woman in bikini I’d adored. I imagined she commented she knew I’d been looking at her, and dragged me up to the top-floor bathroom of their house. Where she made me strip and straddle w sink corner, and smacked the hell (jell, spellcheck.. lll) out of me! SaraE

  3. Thank you, Zoe. You're like my SO in that (and so many other) respects. She's always offering to give me something to cry about, which is odd because I usually have plenty of those. Still, best not to argue, I find.

    Best wishes


  4. Yes, all good, many thanks SaraE. I didn't actually see the beach, as such, but I'm pretty sure I was near it from the sounds I could hear and there was certainly seafood – well, things from the sea anyway whether they'd normally be considered 'food' or not – coming down my feeding chute on a regular basis, so I think we can consider this a beach holiday well had.

    Best wishes


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