All authority in Heaven and Earth has been given to her

 Extra Easter post!  Yay…. Only one actually Easter-themed, but that’s probably just as well, really.


Could maybe try a bit
of both?  Make him eat a chocolate egg or two, while he’s suspended by
his aching wrists?  Meet halfway, in a spirit of compromise inspired by the season. 
All that chocolate might help him work up even more of a thirst for the
sponge of vinegar she’ll be raising to his parched lips after he’s been hanging there for a few hours.

Yeah, don’t dwell on how things might have gone differently in the past.  Much better to think about the future and… mmm, OK, maybe better not to think too hard about the future, actually.

Naughty nursie’s getting a pay rise.  Several pay rises.

Just a normal day, like any other – normal from now on, anyway.

I suppose so.  Maybe.  It depends on the context, you know?  I don’t think there are any absolute ethical boundaries here.

0 thoughts on “All authority in Heaven and Earth has been given to her”

  1. And how nice of her to wear that dress so that his blood stains will blend in. You see She does care and understands his not wanting to mess her dress. Femsup.

  2. It's pretty isn't it? It reminds me of the dress my very first date wore – well, by the end of the evening, anyway.

    Best wishes


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