Especially for all those readers who’ve been clamouring for captions of femdom in realistic, domestic settings – another post featuring fairytales and magic.  What can I say… if you’re not into being treated with contempt, don’t read the blog, yeah?

Story of my life… I start chatting to a pretty young lady and it’s going well, then up comes some handsome stud and I just get crushed underfoot and my sticky, bloody remains fed to the pigeons.  Happens. Every. Single. Time.

It’s lucky the castle has facilities to contain a wild beast securely.  In fact, I’ve heard it has capacity for several, so you’ll be perfectly safe.

She’s not good at small-talk, but I’m sure that when she meets the Prince that won’t be an obstacle to their romance blossoming.

Occasionally you’ll spend an hour or so being only eight inches long – tall, I mean.  But you need to practice holding your breath before she’ll try that.

Don’t worry, she’ll look after you.

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  1. Beautiful witch shrinking caption. I bet she has a very clean house and a glossy and well fed looking cat. Could be a good theme for one of your short stories perhaps? Always enjoy those ­čÖé , regards Mutant78

  2. Thank you – I'm glad you liked it. And the short stories too… with the exception perhaps of the fairy tales most of those actually start out as long captions, and become 'stories' because they just don't fit on the picture. There is a… not quite shrinking but 'mini-men' story in the works, though.

    Best wishes


  3. This is so hot especially being 4 feet tall in front of such a beautiful woman. I would love to be him and get kicked in the balls by her. Perhaps being 5 inches tall but far more durable to be inside her shoe crushed under her foot

  4. Thank you. Here's a couple of links you might like. For fans of being four feet tall, Ant-man and the Wasp, for a few seconds from 2 mins in and then a few more seconds from 3 mins in. Not long or – obviously – in any way pornographic but I think it's lovely the way she finds him cute.

    And for those who like their mini-men a little smaller – and often squished – I recommend this artist: NKS Volkov.

    Many thanks for commenting.

    Best wishes


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