Who loves the sun?

I do!  After a miserable rainy May, we now have bright sunshine chez elle (i.e. where I live) and I thought I’d do a sun-drenched special to celebrate summer’s balmy days. Admittedly, I myself haven’t yet seen the sun, as there are no windows in the part of the house where I live (not a problem, of course – after all, what would be the point, this far underground?).  But she’s promised to break out the summer sweaters and the heavy rubber gimp suit, to take me out into the garden this weekend to where the treadmill awaits, bathed in sunshine.  So that’ll be a nice change.  I’ve also just booked a romantic stay for two at a beach resort for later in the summer, but I wont divulge the details as she hasn’t decided which boyfriend to take with her.  They get so jealous – especially a certain old bull I won’t name! *

Anyway, here we are: summery captions.



I doubt that.  I have actually become quite good at accurately judging women’s weight. But sometimes you have to tell them little white lies – bless them. The number of times I’ve had to control my breathing carefully to say ‘no, no – light as a feather!’ without gasping…



It’s great.  Yeah.  I’m getting quite good at never having any sexy thoughts at all, as long-term readers of this blog will know only too well.



Oh… don’t mind me.


likes long walks in the country, getting caught in the rain and keeping
up with the latest developments in applied metallurgy.


Actually, I brought a spare myself.  I always do, just in case.  I mean, imagine how awful it would be to run into Gal by chance and not have a leather belt or similar implement on you… a lifetime of regret would await.

* Regular readers shouldn’t worry.  There’ll always be a place for Raoul in her heart – and in her vagina, mouth and anus, too of course.

0 thoughts on “Who loves the sun?”

  1. Darling I called you to our room so that you can help James pack. Yes I told you he has to go back to the UK tomorrow. I'm a bit sad about it to be honest, but that's how it goes. You and and I have a further two weeks. Just look at that Ocean darling. I love this part of India don't you?

    Can you tidy the room before you go, darling? Thanks. I tried on about three dresses before choosing this one. Now the room is a mess. Good boy. Now carefully please that dress is very delicate. Like me? Is that what you said? So sweet, but be careful you don't cross a line.

    Now disappear whilst I talk to James, darling.


  2. Darling stop where you are! You know you are not allowed to see me in my underwear. It's one of a James strictest rules. I admit I did argue that it might be impractical as you help me get dressed and wash and iron my clothes. Then he kissed me from behind on my neck and I got distracted. He is so insistent sometimes.

    We have worked it though, haven't we? You dress me and look after me with the minimum of looking. Ok? Good boy. I know you find it frustrating but you wear chastity device for that purpose.

    So stand where you are and explain why you are in my hotel room?

    Ok! I think you are lying. Tonight I am taking you out for a nice meal as we go home tomorrow. I really could stay here forever. Bliss, just look at the ocean.

    Now get out of my sight and be ready by 7.00 pm.


  3. I am not quite sure I am allowed to look at flange but or falangists. Femsup

  4. Ah, brings back memories of back-packing in India, Miss Zoe. The sounds, the smells, the people… Washing clothes with a bar of soap in the sink in the hostel…. in fact, that was all I ended up doing as it seemed one party of female tourists after another came to stay, so every time I thought I might have a little spare time for sightseeing, there were more backpacks full of week-old laundry to unpack. So I never actually saw the Taj Mahal… or anything, really. Still, I had the best time – and I think it changed me spiritually, too, you know? They say India can do that to people.

    Best wishes


  5. I've heard that a really well-trained maid can do her job blindfold, Miss Zoe. Could be worth trying, especially if there are any enhanced learning techniques you can make use of to adjust his behaviour following the inevitable early errors.

    Best wishes


  6. Well, are they on the approved list, Femsup? If not, then you're not – it's really perfectly simple.

    Not many falangists in my captions but who knows – the great Spanish Civil War post might be just around the corner.

    Best wishes


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