Leading women

People think that the whole ‘femdom humiliatrix’ thing is just a minority interest but back in the day when I was dating I met so many girls whose sexual fantasy was to deny me sex – and many who mocked my small penis, too.  They’re out there if you know how to find them.


It’s actually a bit hypocritical of her to say that, because in the six months before the op, she was the one who managed to work the subject into almost every conversation.  Still, probably best not to call her out on it… you know what she’s like.

It’s very odd – according to my SO, I often choose courses of action that lead inevitably to my being subjected to intolerable pain.  But she’s supposed to be the sadistic one!  Go figure, as they say.


Erm… whatever we’re permitted to say, I suppose?

Several of the prisoners in the nearby underground prison tearfully begged Madame Jana not to make him do that again, saying they preferred the whip.

And finally, any Swiss fans of the World War M series might want to note that their opportunity to serve their country in those crucial mobile laundry units has finally arrived.

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