Formal disciplinary procedures

 I was once threatened with ‘formal disciplinary procedures’ by the Head of Human Resources at a company I was working for.  Needless to say, I initially misinterpreted her offer!  So it nearly got quite embarrassing but as soon as she explained that she wasn’t speaking about HR matters in a work context, but just wanted to put me across her lap and spank my naughty bottom, we both relaxed and ended up having rather a fun evening.


worry, it doesn’t stay that impersonal.  She has pet names for each of
her favourite interns – and for those she most dislikes, too, oddly

She likes to give direct feedback on her employees’ performance, so she’ll probably end up asking if she can borrow the remote.

Expensive things.  That’s why they call them ‘expenses’ after all.

Guys who sexualise and objectify women in a work context are the worst, aren’t they?  I’m glad I published this post, so I can make my views on that clear.

What a very understanding work environment.  Basically, they are creating an unsafe space just for you.  I hope you’ll be suitably grateful.

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  1. Well if his mistress works for the company too Her lifestyle must be respected too. And if it entails humiliation of males than so be it. Femsup

  2. I don't think she does, although I'm sure her skill set would be very welcome if she ever chose to apply. Her own workplace doesn't really understand the lifestyle, but that's changing and when everything reopens, they are due to observe 'bring your subbie to work' day, so that should help.

    best wishes


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