Whatever she likes, whenever she says


Honestly, imagining bothering her about a little thing like that.



Oh well…wouldn’t want to disappoint Suzie, would we? 


Obviously, you are allowed to have opinions, even as her husband, as long as they’re the right ones.

…unless she’d rather I made her a nice cup of tea?  No?  Sure?  OK, cattle prod it is, then.

Like most men in a female-led relationship, I learnt about pre-menstrual tension quite early on.  Also post-menstrual tetchiness and during-menstrual extreme violence.

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  1. Like that first one. Maybe the submissive is with a babysitter who's been charged to administer discipline.

    The last one is good too ­čÖé


  2. Thank you Mistress D!

    I enjoy your blog too, which makes me realise that I should add it to the blog list (my blog list is mostly so out of date that it in no way reflects what I actually read).

    Let's sort that out. Scurry scurry scurry…

    Best wishes


  3. Its not the Women at times when they are menstruating but the males whose thoughts and actions are changed by them. Males become incapable of rational or considerate thought and become tiresome and bothersome. Femsup

  4. Quite so. I myself experience quite sharp period pains, whenever my SO is "having a visit from Auntie Flo", as they say.

    But then her Auntie Flo's always had a violent nature – just ask Uncle Mike.

    Best wishes


  5. Wow.. the meme about a comment becoming a direct challenge to the beautiful wife is sizzling! She looks like She means business! Our bottoms will be sizzling soon, lol (ok, ouch!) SaraE

  6. When I was growing up my daddy was the family sissy and slave. He did all the chores and answered to my mom and later to me. He was a good man, loyal and obedient, respectful and quick to obey. I loved him like I loved our old Labrador dog.

    One day my mommy said to me, ''Zoe, you are now 14 years old and it is time you established your authority over daddy. I know he is a good boy and does as you tell him, but he is afraid of me not you. I want him to be afraid of us both, ok?''

    ''But mommy, how do I do that. You can ask me when you have figured it out. Good girl.''

    Over the next few weeks I thought about this. One day I came home from school and, as usual, I left my bags and school blazer in the hall and went to the kitchen for a snack. This time, however, I told daddy to bring the bags, blazer and snack to my room quickly.

    Daddy came to my room and went to leave when I said, ''Daddy, where are you going?''

    ''Back to the kitchen to prepare supper, princess.''

    ''You must wait until I dismiss you. Stan still with your hands in front of you, and wait.''


    ''OK? Is that how you speak to a superior female? How dare you. This impertinence will be reported to mommy.''

    ''I am so, so sorry Princess. Please forgive me. I was distracted by my need to start preparing supper. Please forgive me. I know you are my superior in every way.''

    My daddy was a good boy and we got along fine. He was reported, though and caned for his stupidity.


  7. Thanks SaraE. It's OK for a submissive husband to have opinions, as long as he checks first to make sure it's not something his wife has a view on, and anyway keeps them to himself. So I'm told, anyway. The husband of the lady in the image needs to learn that, but I expect he will, very soon.

    Best wishes


  8. Daddy-daughter relationships can be rather fraught, especially where disciplinary questions are involved. I myself tend to feature only 'step-daughters' on this blog, as I think the additional distance in that relationship creates a healthy dynamic of contempt and abuse towards the lucky remarrying male.

    Best wishes


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