Unforced feminisation

My SO looked a bit worried when I asked her to ‘feminise’ me.  She gently explained that no matter how hard I tried, I’d never make a convincing woman.  Even if I were to try to mimic feminine behaviour such as intelligence, competence, courage and leadership, I simply could not get away with it.  So obviously she was immensely relieved when I explained that all I meant was that I wanted to be dressed in a frilly pink dress and ordered to flounce around with a pout on my excessively made-up face.  I was soon happily across her lap having my naughty little knickered bottom spanked and shrieking like a little girl, so that was all right.

I don’t think I’d want to be a real woman anyway.  Too much responsibility.  And not enough chores.


Don’t you just hate it when you’re sent off to play with other sissies?  They can be so self-centred and immature. I’d rather just flounce about in front of Mistress, showing off my frillies.  Perhaps I should try having a tantrum about it.





She looks lovely in it.  And you’ll look lovely ironing it, too.



Actually, quite a lot of things taste a bit shoey to me right now, but that’s because for obvious health reasons I’m wearing the mask she made me most of the time, so it’s if the world were made of stinky socks.  I’m not saying that’s a bad thing…




Don’t worry about looking foolish when you’re doing the little dance.  Most of the passers-by probably won’t know what the moves and actions are supposed to be anyway. I’m sure they’ll find it amusing, though, and that’s the most important thing.




Rather like me, this gentleman makes an unconvincing woman, exhibiting as he does stereotypical male behaviour such as whining, laziness and cowardliness.  Fortunately, Her Maj has ways of dealing with those.










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