And now for something largely similar

Right… ten more years then.  The terrible teens begin here.  How terrible can they be?  Let’s find out, shall we?



He should be thankful.  Not for anything in  particular – just generally, all the time.



Regrettably, he won’t be perfect for long.  She breaks things.




It is a good one.  Here’s another: what do you do if you see a blonde undressing, through an open window?  Eight years hard labour!  Do you get it?  Maybe one day you will.



Look at the lovely lady on the right, there.  Rightly proud of her work.




‘Something plausibly similar to male genitalia’ is the best some of us can hope for.

Looks like all those caning fantasies are going to come true.

Bad Pookie.  Just imagine being close to thinking about disobeying her like that!  On second thoughts, don’t imagine it… she wouldn’t approve.

If there was anything she could do to make you feel better, she’d do it – you know that, right?

Anyway, maybe some of the other patrons would like to skip the queue too.


Ooh – the tips of her shoes look just like the inside of my chastity belt!  Maybe we could strike up a conversation, now I know we’ve something in common.

And, of course:

0 thoughts on “And now for something largely similar”

  1. Wow top form stuff. Not sure teen tantrums are called for not when its only 10 years.
    Oh that far away look in AH's eyes. People followed and worshipped the wrong AH when they should have been following the correct leader.

    The swingers just know that lass as a squirter.

    And Pookie if asked what he did wrong last week will have to think about it again and be punished.

    Very true about telling freinds and relatives about a few little indiscretions.

    Well the surgeon could give him a hamsters genitals if their is not much left. Just goes to show that when it comes to genital mutilation Women are not all terrible sadist out to mangle men's bits.

    That piss in the re education camp will keep him warm for a 2 or 3 mins so She is being kind to him.

    Ladies should be able to walk into a shop or Ladies club and ask for the male they want in the position they want. Femsup

  2. Goodness, Femsup, you've conducted a line-by-line review.

    A particularly good point about Pookie, though. He will definitely have to be punished for that. poor Pookie. I should feel sorry for him, but somehow all I feel is envy.

    Best wishes


  3. Helping Her with that bursting bladder is devilish, amd so proper! ­čÖé
    Yes, we all need a reminding from time to time. Okay, more often than that! SaraE

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