My sweet lady

…. by George Harrison.  Pirate version, obviously. *   Extra bonus post today!  Me hearties!

It’s odd – when she takes the elderly gentlemen’s blood pressure and heart rate, the readings always come out higher than when one of the male nurses take them.  They use the same equipment so it can’t be anything to do with that… it’s just one of those little mysteries.

It’s a good thing she was there to step in.  Normally, when she’s off sick, L just leaves them a message to find a pair of sneakers and sort themselves out.

If we’re talking about bad influences, personally I happen to think that Karen is a bad influence on her… but no one listens to me.**

Others just think it’s rather fun… kind of a conversation piece.

Sometimes love needs a helping hand.

* Today being ‘International talk like a pirate day‘!  I celebrated this day once before by putting up an entire post of captioned femdom images of lovelies talking like pirates, with a lot of emphasis on being boarded through yer rear porthole, matey etc.  Forgetting of course that individual images get copied, tumblred, shared and generally distributed around the Internet without context.  An Internet that, not unreasonably, reacted by declaring these the worst captioned femdom images ever created.  So I won’t be doing that again… there’s ‘good’ humiliation and then there’s the other kind.  So, just the usual perfectly normal captions today.  Yo ho ho!

** I write captions all the time and select images from my vast archive*** when I put up a post.  Consequently, many of these images were captioned years ago.  For some reason, I frequently settled on ‘Karen’ as the name of an off-screen more vicious friend of whichever divine goddess is speaking.  Anyway, that was before Karen became ‘Karen’ OK?  Let’s hope that particular fad passes and let’s hope most fervently that it never, ever also catches ‘Janice’ in its memetic claws.****

*** No, really.  I have about 1600 unpublished ones right now.  That’s three years’ supply.   Ha!  They said he was running out of captioned images; they said he was running out of ideas…  They were half right.

****Or ‘Raoul’. 

0 thoughts on “My sweet lady”

  1. Fantastic captions as always! I always like more the most traditional ones with crop-wielding ladies, but after so much time doing captions, you have become an expert at this, Servitor.

    I always wonder were you get this much inspiration for cruelty and despair. If it's just creative ingenuity, personal experience or a combination of both.

    -A humble anonymous commentator.

  2. Thank you, you're very kind. I myself put it down to some kind of deep-seated psychological trauma about my inadequacies as a human being, but I don't suppose my opinion really matters.

    More importantly, I thoroughly agree on the importance of the traditional images of crop-wielding ladies. The modern world has rather lost its way in so many respects and a return to traditional crop-wielding ladies is just what we all need in these uncertain times.

    Best wishes


  3. Perhaps our limb challenged gentleman can communicate with something else that hasn't been cut off. Yet Femsup

  4. You mean he could waggle his ears? I suppose so. But not everyone can do that, you know. He's been trying for years, poor soul, and hasn't managed it yet.

  5. Oh don't be ridiculous, Femsup: are you really imagining a wife hectoring and nagging away at her husband while waterboarding him? What kind of relationship would that be? He'd be lucky to catch one word in three – and I don't think she'd be too pleased to waste her time like that.

    No, I understand Karen quietly and patiently explains what he did to offend her, then waterboards him for a while, then checks his understanding is word perfect (which doesn't usually happen first time around – rinse and repeat as they say!).

    Best wishes


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