Hack job


“Dear Strict Mistress Tricia

Thank you for your reply. I am so much looking forward to visiting you again at your dungeon this afternoon. You asked whether I had any special requests for this session and I am writing to convey a fantasy that I have long nurtured but never really dared to express before.

Please could you “


Please could you I humbly beg for a much ‘harder’ session than usual. I have been quite exceptionally naughty and I believe that I deserve particularly severe punishment. I humbly request that we start ‘in character’ from the very second I walk in the door: you can order me to remain silent, while I strip, then without a word you handcuff me and gag me with a”

With a… with a…

a with one of my own socks, firmly held in with masking tape, so I cannot make a sound. Then I deserve nothing less than two hours of relentless physical chastisement. Hard spanking with a wooden paddle, the belt across my shoulders and back and please could you finish with an exceptionally hard beating on my buttocks and thighs with a”

Hmm…oh yes, of course.

“cane. Yes: a long, brutal caning with a long, brutal cane. I need to be strapped securely across a whipping bench and thrashed soundly. Don’t worry about my ‘limits’: Just for once I need to be seriously hurt, so no play acting. My wife is away so don’t worry about leaving marks either. I want my bottom to be a mass of welts and bruises.

I have one slightly strange request, Strict Mistress. Each time you begin with a new implement could you say “This is from Lucy”? It’s just a weird little fetish I have had for a long time and I hope that being very thoroughly beaten “for Lucy” will help me get it out of my system.

Counting the hours until I can be at your feet again, Strict Mistress.



“Slave Trevor”

And… send!




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  1. Thank you. The irony of it, of course, is that Trevor visits these 'cruel' ladies because his sweet little wife wouldn't understand his needs. In fact, she understands them all too well.

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