One half of the world cannot understand the pleasures of the other.

To celebrate Bastille Day, let’s have some more Regency femdom. The tumbrels and republican principles of the Revolution itself do not lend themselves well to the theme (although I always felt a vague kinship with the sans-culottes) but on the other side of the Channel, the natural order was maintained.
Of course, these are merely modern ‘takes’ on the period. Fashions in femdom at the time were rather different and would seem strange to us today.  Humiliation play, for example, might involve acting out being introduced at a ball to a duchess and incorrectly addressing her as if she were a mere viscountess, or using the wrong fork for the fish and being gently and gigglingly admonished (or – worse – subjected to a sustained pretence by one’s dinner companions not to have noticed!  Oh, the shame).  A ‘forced bi’ scenario would typically end with some roleplaying the inevitable appearance before local magistrates, followed by branding or even transportation to Australia* for committing unnatural acts.  And of course the gimp suits of the time were made of wool or coarse cloth -unthinkable today but they knew no better.
What’s that?  You want me to shut the fuck up and just show you the pictures of hot chicks in empire-line dresses? Oh, OK then.  Sorry.
* Generally regarded as a hard limit by most scene players today – and indeed very few dommes are even prepared to try it, although I understand Mistress Servalan of Sydney has ocasionally put on demonstrations at BDSM conventions.

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  1. Are the would be experimenters with electricity the ancestors of those two women scientists of the Female Supremacist era that you used to so wonderfully wrote about. It must have been great reading when they were young. Femsup

  2. Ah, yes: the rather severe Serena and the sweet, innocent Alice. Where are they now, I wonder? Nowhere around here, that's for certain: I'd hear the screams.

    Actually, women inventors are too often overlooked in the history of the development of our modern world, powered as it is by electricity. Although such items as electrical washing machines and dishwashers are no longer required in progressive households, because obviously there are males for that sort of thing, my SO often remarks on how dreary our honeymoon would have been without that wonderful device: the vibrator. Until she met Antonio, anyway.

    Best wishes


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