The good old days

More images from those golden years before society went to the dogs.  When chaps went out to rule the empire with nothing more than a cleft stick, a good solid education thrashed into them at one of the better public schools and a memsahib with firm opinions about household management.

It’s more Downton domination.

Chaps back then weren’t supposed to cry in public, but you know I’m willing to bet that tears flowed from time to time in the privacy of the marital chamber, whenever men recalled their school years with the help of their loving wives.

She seems like rather a forward young lady, proposing a trip to the kinema (‘pictures’ indeed – and she a schoolmistress!) before she has even been properly introduced! Still, she seems to have some sound ideas in her head, so I suppose it’ll be all right.
I suppose a little fresh air while he was being thrashed never did a chap any harm.
Funny, really – after hating the floggings and humiliations inflicted at school, to find oneself married to a girl who likes nothing better than to apply the same methods.  It does make you wonder if there might be something in all that guff that Freud chappie writes, don’t you think?
I always thought there was something a bit rum about that stable boy with the long hair.  Tell you what – pay close atention to the noises he makes when he’s buggering you.  If he’s enjoying it too much, we might have a homosexual on our books – and I imagine the Police would like to be informed about that

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  1. Ah such lovely use of the vernacular of the time. Didn't see that one coming with the blue sash? Brilliant as always. And the thing is that all this appeals not just to us Brits. Its not just that special resonation. Its popular in Russia and the states too. Femsup

  2. Thank you. Some vague approximation of the vernacular of the time anyway.

    I was glad to see that D*wnt*n Abbey is popular in all sorts of countries that you wouldn't necesarily expect to be avid followers of the British upper classes. Of course, they had to cut all sorts of scenes that won't appeal outside the British Isles. The three back to back episodes all devoted to one cricket match in Season 1, for instance, the vicious school beatings in Season 3 or of course that renowned scene in which young Lady Mary strips one of the footmen naked, covers him head to toe in Marmite and proceeds to – well, I'm sure you know the scene. They tried refilming it for the US audience using peanut butter, I heard, but apparently the guy playing the footman had an allergy and it just didn't work. There's no substitute for Marmite, as I always say.

    Pip pip!


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