Lock me down, lock me up

I don’t have much time to think about sex – too busy running this blog and there’s nothing remotely sexy here.

If I’m an adult man, surely I should be allowed to stay up after 8 o’clock?

I never know if it’s one kiss or two.
Only a bit useful.  But that’s more than he used to be.

Maybe she’s only looking at Tumblr.  No naked women on Tumblr. Vile racism, lies and misinformation, even ‘humorous’ captions about torture and castration, reblogged from here.  But no ladies with their clothes off, than goodness, so society is safe.

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  1. But no ladies with their clothes off, than goodness, so society is safe.

    Thanks goodness; I can make a new account over there with a good conscience now.

  2. The Tumblr prohibition on 'artistic' images of women is actually not a problem for me: my captioned images rarely if ever feature naked ladies. Quite soon after I got together with my SO, I discovered I did not really enjoy looking at such pictures anyway, or at least I did not enjoy the consequences.

    But I do quite often feature males in their naturally unclothed state, whether being employed usefully to prop something up or keep it at a convenient height; or just amusingly screaming in agony under the whip or the flow of electricity. 'Readers' of the Tumblr version of this blog miss out on those images.

    Glad to hear Tiresome Tropes might be returning, even if it can also only feature ladies not daringly showing too much ankle. 'Modest Memes'? 'Coy Carnal Cliches'? Anyway, I'm sure it will viciously take the piss out of femdom caption-writers all over the Internet, for which we will be bizarrely grateful, being humiliation freaks.


  3. Well… one post labelled taxidermy, true, but I expect that I've featured the concept before. After all, it is often an important aspect of a truly female-led relationship, albeit one that many couples come to only towards the end of that relationship.

    So I'm sure if you loook through the rest of the blog, there will be statuesque ladies discussing enstatued males here and again, whether the latter are stuffed, magically frozen or merely welded in place. The bad news is that I'm afraid there is a rather a lot of blog to look through…

    Many thanks indeed for your comment here and elsewhere!

    Best wishes


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