Further Downton

More of these.  

I should apologise to male readers in advance, many of whom may find some of the material here not to their taste: several of the captions contain a lot of words, some of them quite long and obscure, such as ‘vicarious’, ‘distraught’ and ‘conscientious’.  If it’s too difficult for you, try asking a woman (if you know any) what the words mean, or you can just masturbate to the pictures of the pretty ladies looking stern, all right?

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  2. Just 12 words, eh? To trigger a man's instincts for love, worship and protection? Gosh. Erm….

    Would it be "Get in here you lazy little bastard and bend over that chair!" ?

    No? Oh.

    How about "No, darling not this time. You were close, though: maybe next month." ?

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    That always works for me.

    Dear me, it's come to this. Replying to a spambot. If any genuine readers would like to comment, you know you are always very welcome…


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