Several times now, upon a time

Tales about bold princesses rescuing helpless princes from evil, erm, princesses and all that kind of thing.  Again.

Why do three wishes always turn out this way?  You’d think people would have the sense to learn.  But the protagonist in this one is presumed to be male, so I guess ‘sense’ is not really an option.

0 thoughts on “Several times now, upon a time”

  1. Oh, fantastic Christmas tales signatures! Especially I liked it about a good and evil cop… Oh, no, mistake! Good and evil sisters!
    Thank You, Servitor!

  2. And it's "fairy tales" not "Christmas tales". Unacceptably sloppy work, Alex. I'm sorry, but you had your chance. Report to Miss Bircham – and don't make any plans for the evening.

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