He might as well have buttons and bows

Mistress Kate, of course. I was reminded of her the other day, when a delightful domme made me dance and mime to Wuthering Heights.  I fear I wasn’t very good at it and she mocked me mercilessly… some people can be so cruel.

If he’s lucky, he’s going to be a shower head.  But he’s not been enormously lucky so far in his life, alas.
That reminds me of a date I went on once, actually.  It was a pub quiz and our team came last but oddly it was only right at the end that my date told everyone she was the first and second prize.  So I had to hang around for an hour or so, while the winning and runner-up teams collected their prizes.  Then she said she was tired and just wanted to go home, so I walked with her.  I thought I might be in with a chance but she said she never kisses on a first date, so that was that. Still: I didn’t get kneed in the balls, shat on or made to suck off any gay friends, so all in all I count the evening as a success.  The second date didn’t go so well, unfortunately.

Lots of men make this mistake: she’s asked you about your day so she wanted to be asked about hers, right?  Right?  And now you have chores and you don’t have permission to speak, so it’s too late.  You unfeeling brute.

If they’re quick they can catch happy hour. And then there’s a cabaret, but obviously they won’t have time to stay for that.
I’ve always had a weird phobia about Scrabble, ever since this girl I knew at school followed through on her threat to make me “eat my words”.  The little tiles weren’t so bad on the way in, but even with rounded corners you can certainly feel the sharp edges when they come out again. I was bullied quite severely when I was at school – did I ever mention that?  And afterwards, too, of course – but at school it was free of charge.

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  1. Poor gimps, although I am sure they would be happy to know that their insignificant bodies served the learning procedure of the young mistresses. Actually taking part in teaching a mistress something, is a thing any true sub would be proud to have contributed in.

  2. You should thank those schoolgirl bullies for making you the mouse you are today. I think many a Girls thirst for controlling men came with burying their fathers on the beach and tormenting them. The bathroom furniture will have to get used to eating bleach of course. Femsup

  3. Exactly. To take just one example, many young mistresses are naturally a bit unsure about the right way to do ball-busting – hardly their fault, since the goddess did not see fit to burden them with testicles. Older subs can help by providing them with practice to guide through the inevitably hit-and-miss process of learning this most delicately-judged of dominatricial skills.

    Thank you for commenting, Logan. Enjoy the run.


  4. I do thank those schoolgirl bullies. In fact, I used to include little notes expressing my gratuitude along with their monthly cheques but now of course it's just a standing order at the bank. A shame, really, but it's probably less irritating for them (and they were astonishingly easily irritated – something I remember most vividly).

  5. I think all submissive men should thank the Girl bullies who tormented them in school. School reunions should include re enacting some of the humiliations heaped upon those bullied. Femsup

  6. Darling I nearly forgot…they have a cancellation for your little castration procedure so you can go on Tuesday instead of Friday…isn't that fortuitous? Well we discussed that..it will be a complete removal of the testicle sac and a shortening by 3 inches of the penis. You will still be able to grow in your chastity device by 1 inch when excited…probably that is the max growth. I would say that is more than enough for you. Not for me obviously but I have Raoul for that, when he is available, or James when he is not….so that's ok. Sorry? of course you have a choice but you have already signed the consent form so….Oh don't be a silly billy you'll still be my husband just a bit more, you know, submissive and quiet and obedient. We'll still have fun together…shopping for clothes, going for cake n coffee with my friends, shoe shopping…you'll love it honey.

    Now, better start supper as my mom will be over soon to babysit you whilst I go out with Raoul.

    Now smiling face, honey, or I will be a cross wifey….you really don't want that sweetie.

    oh there's the doorbell…don't forget to curtsey…and smile….good boy.


  7. Honey, it is Tuesday and you need to get showered and dressed for your c-procedure today. Pardon? no I wont be coming with you, I'm far too busy at work…got a client meeting today I can't miss. My mommy will be taking you and you will go home with her afterwards to fully recover. The procedure is at 12 noon and you will be back in the ward for about 3.00 pm…if you are ok, you can go to my moms house at about 6.00 pm for bed rest and recovery. No, it's all planned ok? You'll have a lovely time with mommy…you know how she spoils you. She'll telephone me when you are ready to come home and be my sissy housewife husband again….probably about a week.

    I have booked a temp maid to keep the house and look after me while you are away..so that's ok…it's a nice Korean girl called Hanni…you remember she helped with our summer party last year.

    Anyway mommy's just driven into the drive so shower and dress, honey, pronto….I'll answer the door.

    Awww honey you look so sweet in your day frock with the little flower detail….all ready?…good boy, be brave for me…and see you when you get back.

    Thanks mommy for looking after my precious…I'll telephone you later.

    Bye mommy…Bye honey!


  8. It's a shame you couldn't be there, but I'm sure your boy understands that you'd have gone to the clinic to hold his hand if you possibly could have done. Many couples find the process an intensely emotional experience that brings them together. Something those gangs of knife-girls, looking for a quick bit of revenge on sexists in a dark alley late at night, wil never really experience, although for the males they find, I suppose the experience will be memorable.

    Anyway, it was good of you as well to take your precious time to write here so extensively, Miss Zoe. Castration's obviously not a big deal for you, but it means a lot to most men, so it's good to know you've thought it all through and made the arrangements so his 'big day' goes off without any unfortunate mishaps.


  9. I am sitting with my mommy in the sun room of her large house talking about all sorts of things. The bi-fold doors are open onto a large flower filled garden looking out onto a paddock with some horses in the distance. My daddy served us both in his smart maid uniform, he was very careful to be polite and efficient…and he was. I looked at my mommy and realised what a beautiful woman she is still in her early fifties.

    We talked about fashion trends, problems with shoe sizes, my work as a lawyer, politics, religion and the pleasures of a femdom family.

    I asked how Poppy, my sissy husband, got on with the castration procedure and whether he was a good boy when he stayed with her for his recovery. I explained that I had a vital client meeting which resulted in my company being awarded a large contract for legal work..and will result in a 6 figure bonus this year. She was delighted.

    "Poppy was such a dear, very brave and a little scared. Once the procedure was over everyone was pleased with the result. He now has no testicle sac and the tiniest, cutest penis you ever saw. Even erect it is about one inch….so cute."

    Wow, I told mommy that is great. I haven't looked yet. I find it so gross at the best of times. His behaviour and general attitude is much improved and he is now very girlie. Instead of looking at my legs with that look guys have… he now asks what shade my pantyhose is and asks if I'll let him buy some. He got tearful yesterday because I hadn't noticed he was wearing a new mini skirt and had combed his hair to include a bang at the front….so sweet.

    At this point daddy came in to clear the used cups, saucers and plates. He curtsied and carried out his task in silence. He then curtsied and left us. Not a word was said on either side.

    I am so proud of Poppy, such a good boy.


  10. It has been 3 months since my sissy husband, Poppy, had his little procedure to take away unwanted appendages between his legs. I must say I have noticed a real difference in his attitude, moods and general demeanour. He is more girly and a little bit less educated than he was. For example, if you were to ask him a question about politics or religion he wouldn't have a clue. He doesn't follow the news and has no idea who is in power or what a bishop is. Not that it is important he does. It does lead to some teasing though, especially from my sister's two teenage girls.

    "oh Poppy, look at this question I have for homework…it says, Describe the scene at the installation of a new President of the United States….do you think you could do that?"

    "Well I guess there would be crowd. Can you just explain what a President is?"

    I am sure you understand what the castration procedure did for his brain. He has a very girly reaction to things like spiders..or mice…or pictures of kittens etc.

    It is a great improvement on the male version of him which was impossible. Always wanting to hold me or worse, to kiss me. Now he only bothers me to buy his new clothes, or borrow my pantyhose.

    He is lovely round Raoul now, very attentive, laughs at his jokes, wants to sit on his lap…does whatever her tells him to do.

    "Poppy, go and make lunch…hurry up. I am going out with Raoul this afternoon. He is taking me shopping for clothes".


  11. Many thanks for your comment, Zoe. He sounds perfectly sweet. Are you sure you didn't sign him up for the combined castration/lobotomy? That's very popular these days.

    I've never myself exhibit typical girlish behaviour. I'm just not vicious or violent enough. I remember quietly looking once through my older sister's things: nipple clamps, testicle clips, even a mini-cattleprod. How do girls accumulate so much stuff, so quickly?

    Best wishes


  12. Come to think about it my dear Servitor they did mention the lobotomy option and I did tick the box. It has been rather surprising how his brain is now so useless. It was pretty useless before, always seeking to touch me and to hold me and even to kiss me. Now, thank the stars, that is all in the past. Silly boy now just wants to borrow my shirts, my skirts and my make-up.

    I do like to test him though. I know it's bad but I'll ask what is the capital of some country…like France and he always says he is not sure. My favourite is to ask him if he knows any algebraic equations. It blows his stupid, sissy brain. Poor lamb, he needs a lie down if he thinks too much.

    Oh…he has just come into the home office, better go Servitor.


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