Girls don’t make passes

… at boys with slapped arses.

I had to post this, because it’s something I have personally experienced and I think it is precisely the sort of abusive behaviour that comes from negative stereotyping of male submissives.  What – just because I’m sexually submissive, some random stranger expected me to give her money, to go shopping with her, pay for everything, carry the stuff home, wash her car, cook and serve a meal for her and her boyfriend and then fuck off? If I hadn’t had her socks stuffed in my mouth the whole time, I’d have told her a thing or two about mutual respect in BDSM!

She’s still technically employed as a housemaid, but on a substantially higher pay scale.

Nor would I, willingly.

Character development is important in snip-lit.  Women want depth and emotional complexity in the characters they read about.  They don’t just want to read accounts of guys screaming in pain and terror as the cheesewire tightens… they want to know something of the inner pain they’re experiencing too.

Even an ordinary hotel room will normally have coat-hangers, kettles, maybe even a sewing set with needles.  Oh – and if there isn’t a steam iron, you can send for one.  You can have lots of fun in even the most vanilla environments.
The lovely Lucy Mistress Sidonia,  there, of course.

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  1. Oh, Mistress Sidonia! Everyone has the right to rest. Dominatrix too. When there are no scenarios. There are no stop words. And there are no these stupid "Safe, sane, consensual"!
    Thank You, Servitor!

  2. A quiet thank you for one line. The one that cut across one word. I know how much trouble you will be in from L I mean Ms Sidonia. Femsup

  3. Thank you, too, Alex. Yeah, sometimes even a dominatrix needs to kick back and relax. Also kick forward, down and – most vigorously of all, in my experience – up.

  4. I've heard she still sees many of the men who were involved in her videos when she was on the submissive side. Well… I say 'see them': the places she keeps them are mostly quite dark and anyway the guys are usually hooded, but they are certainly around, somewhere in the cellar of the English Mansion. I've even heard she frequently re-enacts the spanking and caning scenes they so enjoyed filming with her.

    A quiet thank you, too. Shhhh…


  5. Oh I have seen Saving Mr Banks and Ms Travers the author when she gets into the car gives an order for Her driver to shut up. He does after saying yes Ma'am. The little exchange of eye contact in the mirror and the way she feels so satisfied he actually does as he is told is lovely from both Rmma Thompson and the minion. Femsup

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