Domestic tyranny…

… domestic bliss.

They say old age can be like a second childhood.

My SO and I tried something like that but it turned out my boss was gay!  Quite an embarassing situation, as you can imagine, but he saw the funny side and actually since then, our working relationship has been closer than ever.
We are.

OK.  But always with dignity, yeah?

I think’darling’ must have misread the signals.  I don’t have that problem any more, because we only ever go out with my genitals wired up to the electrics. Of course, I don’t get heavy shocks in public but a few little reminders – or an instruction to go off to find a bathroom cubicle for a good zapping – keep me nicely in line. In fact, she’s considering learning morse code.

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  1. Ah, "signals", always difficult to pick up exactly what is wanted. Morse code is all right I suppose, as long as you don't get your dots mixed up with your dashes. And you'll need a "please could you repeat that, I didn't quite get it" sign….

  2. She has other plans for the earrings. At present, sissy's ears are fitted top and bottom with little clips so that sissy's fluffy little head can be positioned wherever it would be most useful. But there's still a tiny amount of wriggle room, which can lead to unpleasant spillages, so she's planning to replace them with a more rigid device encompassing the whole head. I suppose there coukld be bells on that… we'll see, sissy, we'll see.

  3. Men have always found it hard to read the signals from their female partners. Whether it's a long silence, a clattering as a coffee cup is put down too firmly, or a misread dot for a dash while jerking around in an agony of electric jolts, we just don't pay enough attention to the context, as well as the words. In fact, I've heard there's a new book coming out on the subject – 'Mars and Venus – wired up to the electricity' – to help men avoid the more common mistakes. After all, we don't want any mnore pain in the relationship than is strictly necessary, do we?

    I do find it reassuring when I have her electrodes attached to my genitals and I know her finger is not far from the button. It's like she's with me, all the time.


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