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  1. With the money She saved on their not using anaesthetic She could get him a bigger travelling cage. It is a travelling cage isn't it and not the normal one he's put in overnight? Femsup

  2. The Health Service is terribly overstreteched these days, and I'm afraid they have to use travelling cages for long term care. It's a tragedy, but they're doing their best, angels that they are.


  3. Oh, well, you know. Ultimately it's a job like any other? It's surprising how quickly most female medics can get used to the idea of cutting the flesh of a screaming, pleading male strapped to their operatig table without a second thought.

    It's a different perspective, you know? For him, it's a life-changing act of savage brutality but really she's not being cruel – she's probably thinking about whether to make that salsa again tonight, and if so whether she needs to buy another avocado.


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