Earning my stripes

And I didn’t even use paracetemol – that’s cheating.

Poor thing – thinking about it all afternoon like that.

Like steel needles, huh? Oh dear.  Many of us know how awful those can feel.

And don’t forget the gratitude time. That’s very important.
Submissive women… fear them.  I mean, it’s not natural, is it?

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  1. ha! – love: 'Submissive women… fear them. I mean, it's not natural, is it?' ­čÖé
    But that is not this (Serverlan appreciating) boy's main point of posting a note – I saw the 1st picture of this series and hoped with high anticipation it would be another caption about a nightmare the pretty lady in question may have endured – like your splendid recent one, where she's freaked out and puzzled that she's riding her sub's little nub, which shock horror is confusingly out of its cage – so I wonder, is there enough for a whole post in on 'the Nightmares our superior others might be traumatised by?'

    keep up the great work amigo

  2. Many thanks for your kind comment, amigo yourself. I shall see what I can do about the nightmares. The other day, I dreamt that I was being buried alive, and I was struggling for air and screaming out in terror… before I woke up and discovered it was just my SO, indulging in a little breathplay with a plastic bag. How we laughed… well, she did.


  3. I bet she laughed like a drain!
    and excellent and thank you – I can only imagine the trauma such nightmares could give our SOs
    You so perfectly captured the horror a Keyholder would have of finding herself riding a tiny nub of a penis, one that should be safe & sound locked away bothering no one and then the ironing oh the ironing….poor lady, would need a week in a yoga retreat at a minimum

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