When you’re dancing slowly, sucking your sleeve

The boys get lonely after you leave.  I’ve featured this before, of course. 

I have to admit she’s right there.
Breaking up is always painful – this no more so than most.


Silly old Kurt – fucks my wife, takes my money… I think he’s just covering up feelings of insecurity.
No regrets, though. She doesn’t allow them.

Awww…., isn’t she sweet?  How could anyone say no to that?

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  1. Oh dear – what does it say about me (and my chances of living a long and happy life) that I absolutely love the more extreme of these wonderful captions – "Bricked Up" and "Please Please Please"? There is something about absolute female heartlessness that draws me moth-like to its flame. I hope you'll feel appropriately guilty if I find myself with broken fingers one day soon.

    PS: What a shame about the redoubtable Ms Mordaunt's recent demotion. But I still live in hope of her eventual elevation to the top job so that those of us rightfully in awe of her can pledge our lifelong allegiance to her service.

  2. Steady breaths, Mr Mysster. In and out – it's important to keep breathing…unless of course she's prefer you not to.

  3. I know. I think his need constantly to bed women really just shows a deeply insecure individual inside. And don't get me started on his compulsion to beat up and humiliate males he regards as inferior and unmanly – I mean, it's practically a psychiatry textbook case, right?

    I hope one day he manages to get himself straightened out.

    Thank you, as ever, for commenting!


  4. It says you're a very weird, perverted individual, Mr A. But 'guilty'? Look… girls get over-excited from time to time, males get fingers broken, you know? It happens. No big deal.

    As for Ms Mordaunt, MP, PC, she has clearly been dealt a savage blow by Mr Johnson. One can only hope that she gets an opportunity to teach this overgrown schoolboy a few manners, when she is rightfully in charge.

  5. Oh Oubliettes! Bitchy Jones of Bitchy Jones diary fame really loved the idea of them. Femsup.

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