0 thoughts on “Seductive logic”

  1. Well, maybe I could satisfy my wife if I could remove my chastity device and try at least once.
    His cock twice bigger as mine, his muscles, and his stamina don't necessarily mean is better than me in bed, right?


  2. Well indeed, and if she's feeling kind she might even agree to let you try.

    But isn't there a danger you'd fnd it rather tiring? Imagine if you had hot passionate sex – or even tepid, vaguely embarassing sex – and the next day you were just too tired to really put in the performance at the ironing that she expects, or not to give your all when washing the dishes? Wouldn't that be awful?

    I'm sure she'd feel just terrible about it – after all, she would be partly at fault for letting you. Do you want her to feel bad? Isn't it better just not to risk it?

  3. A solution would be to have sex rarely, maybe one time a week, so it won't affect my chores.
    But the thing is, now because of Karl she's accustomed to having sex several times a day. And also to feeling a big cock inside her.

    Well, so you're right, each one to his place, me in the kitchen doing my chores and Karl in my bed fucking my wife.

  4. Well is it Karl or Kurt? Come now servitor, if your Significant Other found out about this stuff up, I'd hate to think what might happen.

  5. There is Karl and also Kurt, depending on the day. She's a well satisfied wife. :p

  6. Ooops. Oh well – everyone can make an occasional mistake, right? Who among us hasn't at least once forgotten his wofe's boyfriend's name, or his birthday, or the way he likes his coffee? I know I have – not least because it's recorded in my punishment book. Speaking of which…

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