Actually, I often find myself lying awake at night thinking about some tiny little thing or other.

Sounds ideal. If you’re wondering how occasional the kinky sex is planned to be, the answer is that it depends very much on the other stuff.
How does she know I’m creepy? I haven’t even said anything creepy yet.
My SO’s boyfriend is quite broadminded and doesn’t object to her having a submissive as such – apparently it’s just me he can’t stand.

Yes. Much better not to know.

…and as a special extra treat, and at the possible cost of infecting my computer with every virus from here to Sunday, as I looked for video-editing software, here is an animated GIF…


Well, I’m impressed.  I mean by the way I was able to add the captions.  I don’t mean by her.  She is – obviously – truly… deeply impressive.

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