Bit o’ politics

Not President Hathaway stuff, sorry. Some time.  But not today. Today we are on the other side of the Atlantic.

But only a bit of politics, because I was hoping for five captioned images but I’d better post these three before, like everyone else, I run out of time.

It seems extraordinary that I put up a similar post almost three years ago. So much has been achieved since then: our leaders have used that time wisely to create an agreement with the EU that  secures the long-term interests of both the UK and its European friends. An agreement that makes such obvious good sense that it has been accepted by acclamation in all European capitals.  Well, I for one certainly feel foolish about voting ‘remain’, after the Brexit process has been such a massive success. I mean, who ever would have thought the negotiations would have gone so smoothly, after all the rancour of the referendum.  Oh, hang on…

Come on, Ladies…

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  1. I think denying them any physical punishements would be better. There is a special place in hell for them after all. The minister for the 18th century especially.

  2. And very good too. I rather like that, thank you.

    Are you allowed to go on imagefap, though, Femsup? Doesn't seem very appropriate for your station in life.

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