0 thoughts on “Turning, pointing and all that”

  1. I love your turning points caps something that's so unique to you, hand washing clothes, learning how to make a coffee, observing lent all so wholesome

    but really I just came here to say how amazing Anne is in The Intern, or are we not allowed to advertise cinematic masterpieces in your comments either?

  2. Oh, now, Furc, I was very nice to Joaquin who came here just to advertise his blog. Obviously there's nothing wrong with advertising anything starring divine Anne, but in any case, as I told Mr J, anyone who actually contributes down here in the comments is welcome to advertise his blog, or her silly tumblr, or anything else. It's just the repetitve pure advertising I object to.

    Mr J, incidentally, seems not to have learnt his lesson and is about to find himself categorised as spam if he tries it again…

  3. Incidentally, if Mr J does get classed as spam he'll find himself in some splendid company. There's the guy trying to entice us all to go and look at hot Pakistani schoolteachers (and a whole bunch of other stuff quite unsuitable for sissies), and more recently, bizarrely, an attempt to sell a used mechanical digger.

    Of course, if any of you actually want a used mechanical digger, I could unblock the spammer. Pakistani schoolteachers too, I suppose.

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