True love’s first slap

It’s a very special moment.

A lot of people don’t like the way St*rb*cks barristas ask for your name, now.  But I have a lot of fun with it. When it’s a young goddess, like this one, I get to be called “maggot” and “small-dick loser” for a fraction of the cost of even online humiliatrices, let alone a live session.  I don’t do it when it’s a man of course – except this one time, when they changed after taking my order and this 20 year-old guy called me “cumfaced pervert”?  That was kind of edgy, for me.

Not after having written them all out two hundred times, no.
This is Goddess Sophia, yet another lovely lady who has has the extreme misfortune to step into the puddle of slime that is Servitor in person and have to scrape him off the soles of her shoes.

It’s best to mark your possessions – or better yet, tag them with an RFID chip.

I wouldn’t have got myself into this mess, if playing cards made some kind of sense. Queens are lower than kings and aces?? How is anyone supposed to remember that?


Actually, it was the lipstick.

4 thoughts on “True love’s first slap”

  1. aaaand…. normally I would delete this sort of thing as spam, Greg. However, Alexandra Snow is so awesome and perfect that actually the thought of my blog being abused to serve her commercial needs feels more like an honour… so you can stay here.

  2. I try to think of what I could offer that woman as a bet, but my mind just keeps wandering to this image of two pieces of fruit in a bag. The mind is so funny that way. I wonder what it could mean?

  3. It probbaly means you're a disgusting, despicable pervert, Mr A. But then most of us here are, so thank you for your comment!

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