Sometimes it’s hard

…but most of the time it’s soft, all safe and sound locked away in its little tube.

Women, eh?  Can’t do anything for themselves!

Erm… actually, that is fully erect.  Ma’am.

It must be tedious being so perfect and wonderful.

Yet another time-saving app. Do we ever stop to wonder what we’re going to do with all of the time we’re saving, hmm?  I mean, for me it’ll mostly be ironing and scrubbing floors but not everyone has the external motivation I’m lucky enough to receive.

Playful execution is essentially the theme of her whole oeuvre, if you know what I mean.

0 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s hard”

  1. Great how they focus on what is important to them in the office. And love that plinth and the conceptual ideas behind it. Femsup

  2. Well, there's no time for sentimentality in business, is there? Art's the place for that but even art is a business these days – the artist featured in the last caption has fallen on hard times and now has a warehouse full of pieces, all of them awaiting a buyer. Sad, really.

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