Doing it Her way

He doesn’t look very brave.
Actually, men in relationships always hate it when their partners throw out their stuff. I remember the day my SO sent all my clothes to the charity shop.  I cried for days at the time but She told me I’d thank Her for it eventually, and so of course I did.
Hmm. I wonder if I should ask him to pay some of the cost… this wasn’t cheap and he got all the fun.
He’s lucky. I have to fill a whole page with silver or gold stars to earn any kind of reward.
Yes, best to keep it vanilla at first.  And then you can move on to more adventurous play when you get to know each other a little better.

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  1. Hi Servitor, any chance of you reposting you "Anna's bras are hand wash only"? At least that is what I recall being the gist of your caption. Great work, and you keep it up (the blog I mean) so regularly. I hope she is impressed

  2. She's not easily impressed. And other apsects of my performance are less impressive, as She likes to remind me…

    Handwash only? Got to go all the way back to March 2014 for that one! Click here. Four years later, he's actually quite good on Rule 7, so they're working mostly on Rules 11, 23 and 74.

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