When I first started dating my SO, I’d often finish before She had a chance to come, but now things are more under control She typically has oh… two, three…maybe even four hundred orgasms before that happens.

It’s always embarassing when men have to go to what’s basically a girls’ night out, isn’t it? You kind of stand around awkwardly, watching the wives roaring with laughter while you make polite converation about ironing tips and suchlike.  Women are just better at social events… it’s because they’ve got more empathy.


Life will be a lot simpler.  You can do as she says or starve.

Big decision.  Don’t pressure her, OK?

I’m down on my hands and knees.  Point me to the broken glass.

0 thoughts on “Unmancipation”

  1. I don't find those sort of parties conducive to male conversation. There's all that screaming and pleading from the rapists and all that laughter from the Women. And we men are so quiet and respectful and its har to hear our fellow brothers in servitude speaking over that hullabaloo. Plus the definition of rape is changing. I here the Women's Supremacist government is going to declare rubbing against a woman as rape and unlawful erections in public as assault. Femsup

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