Panic of girls

Oh well.  It has to be better than that call centre in Dhaka she put me in last year.

That is what little boys are made of, after all.  Somehow I always knew.

Well, as long as she’s genuinely rehabilitated herself, I suppose it’s OK.

Girls have always known I’m ‘special’ and treated me accordingly.


I feel disempowered every time I even see a picture of Gal Gadot. I go weak at the knees.

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  1. Thank you – very good. The only sort of captions that could possibly be inspired by mine would be silly ones. And that's the sort of caption I like best.

    Glad as well to have contributed to some consciousness-raising male disempowerment. Whatever messages society gives us, we men need to realise that we are incompetent, foolish, headstrong and weak, so that we can take the place in society that we truly deserve.

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